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Disconnect Your Music Service From Facebook NOW, Says Beats Music Exec’ Ian Rogers

image from itknowledgeexchange.techtarget.comFormer Topsin CEO Ian Rogers wants everyone to disconnect their music service from Facebook right now. "If your music service is currently barfing every track you play to Facebook, turn that shit off," declared Rogers,

image from i0.wp.comHe made how own decision "after too many comments on my Facebook for what (his young daugther) Lucinda is listening to". Rogers quotes former Billboard staffer and now consultant Antony Bruno, who said, this is “not a music discovery feature, it’s a music service discovery feature".

"I promise you Beats Music will not do the 'barf everything you play on Facebook' bullshit," Rogers continued. On his Fistfulayen blog, he offers links on how to disconnect each of the of services including Spotify, Pandora, Songza, Rdio and Rhapsody, as well as, almost any app from sharing activity on Facebook.

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  1. curious as to how Ian may reconcile his personal feelings toward the music platform/social platform tie-in and the business’ associated social-based growth potential, overarching consumer usage/acceptance, etc.

  2. This guy does not want you to hear what your friends like. He only wants to feed you the crap promoted by the big music publishers. How did he get this job?

  3. I have a few FB friends whose exploratory music listening habits are much appreciated. I do often listen to what they play so i like having access to this.
    Also, I get some interesting and funny comments from FB friends about what I play on Rdio. I’m glad I have the option.


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