Get Free Online Promotion From Your Very Own Digital Street Team

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 11.17.35 PMTimes are constantly changing. Technology is evolving faster than ever before making "old industry" models a thing of the past – but not entirely. A good Street Team used to be what filled venues, sold albums, and made fans out of strangers – and still is. While it may be an internet interstate instead of a team on a sidewalk, Street Teams are an "old school" break into the potential this "new school" industry has to offer. Tom Satchwell tells us how to get the most mileage for your music by valuing and utilizing the impact your Digital Street Team can make on MusicThinkTank.com.

"The digital street team has more weight behind it than the old model of
actually going out and speaking to people. They hold the ears of the 500
or so friends on Facebook plus the number of people following them on
Twitter. That is more people than you’d ever reach on a hundred rainy
Saturdays standing in the high street. Not only that but your digital
street team get more than one chance to influence these people."

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