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Gumroad, Topspin and Square Introduce New Music Ecommerce Options

SquareWe're at a stage where many strong products for musicians are well-established and are now expanding their services. Gumroad recently added preorders to their digital sales offering. Topspin's ArtistLink now helps you sell albums via your MTV profile. And Square's new Market is looking good for merch sales.

Gumroad Adds Digital Preorders

D2F ecommerce service Gumroad recently announced the addition of preorders to their features.

Now you can use Gumroad to specify a release date, take preorders and deliver digital goods as scheduled.

TechCrunch has more.

Sell Albums on MTV Profiles via Topspin

Topspin's free ArtistLink services offers control of profile on such sites as Artists.MTV and, "coming soon," Beats Music.

They recently announced the ability to offer full album downloads from MTV profiles for sale or free giveaway.

Square Market Recommended for Merch Sales

Square is known for making it possible to accept credit card payments using mobile devices and their card reader. Earlier this summer they launched Square Market to provide web stores for users.

Merch and music sales at shows have been a popular use case for musicians and tunelab recently reviewed Square Market for that purpose.

Key plus: Cheaper than PayPal.

Key drawback: No delivery of digital content.


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