Hootsuite Adds SoundCloud App For Listening To, Posting and Sharing Music

Hootsuite-appsHootSuite is one of the more popular social media tools that allow you to manage multiple social media accounts from one interface. A variety of third party apps are available including the recent addition of a SoundCloud app that allows you to publish and share music via HootSuite. For those of you managing multiple social media accounts or just trying to consolidate every activity possible, HootSuite's SoundCloud app should be a welcome addition.

HootSuite announced a group of new apps last week including one for video site Dailymotion that allows you to not only post and comment but also to view videos via HootSuite and to promote them to your social network. This multifacted capability is what makes HootSuite one of the favorite tools of many DIY musicians and music marketers.

Though the Dailymotion app is free, the new SoundCloud app costs $1.99 per month and allows you to:

  • Publish new sounds
  • View and play your sounds
  • Stream favorited sounds, affiliated sounds, exclusive sounds and recent activity
  • Share sounds with HootSuite social networks

You can check out the available apps to see what third parties are providing beyond HootSuite's features.

SoundCloud is increasingly becoming a key part of the infrastructure of digital music. If you're wanting to find out more, here are some additional recent features on the web:

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