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How I Listen: creativeLIVE’s Mika Salmi

Mika-salmi-2In our ongoing series, How I Listen, we ask industry leaders and artists to share how they discover and consume music. This edition features Mika Salmi, the CEO of creativeLIVE and the man who discovered Nine Inch Nails while at Universal.

1) What device(s) do you use to listen to music?


Mac laptop


Bose car stereo

Harmon Kardon noise cancelling headphones

2) What streaming music service(s) do you use most often?

Rhapsody (lame, I know, but a good friend used to run it)

3) Besides recommendations from friends, how do you discover new music?

at clubs

satellite radio – Sirius XM – XMU, Alt Nation, and Electric Area



4) What new music are you listening to most this week?

new Nine Inch Nails album

5) Shameless Plug: What are you promoting/launching/planning that you want to share.

We have a series of free Music and Audio classes this month. Hot DJ Big Chocolate (hit track – “Blue Milk) is teaching EDM/AbletonLive, Steve Rennie (manager of Incubus) is teaching Music Business 101, and Eyal Levi is teaching EZ Drummer.


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