How Musicians Are Using Vine To Promote New Music

image from tech.coMake me love your music in six seconds or less.

That's what bands and musical artists are doing with Vine, the micro-video app from Twitter that lets users record six seconds of video and publish it to a social stream. For the most part, Vine videos are six seconds of cats and teenagers goofing off with their iPhones, but businesses and other professionals are finding new ways to promote their brand using the popular mobile app. Musicians use Vine to promote not only their music, but their projects, charities and media appearance in all sorts of fun and creative ways.

Network Promotion

Music networks like MTV and VH1 (even though they never really play music anymore) have a huge presence on Vine and love to promote anything from events like the Video Music Awards to celebrity gossip like a new hairstyle on Beyonce. You'll notice that humor is a pretty consistent theme with these videos.

Music production schools also do a lot of media work to promote themselves with Vine. Pinnacle College for music production and similar programs reach out to perspective students the same way MTV reaches out to viewers.

Media Appearances

Vine is a quick way to announce television appearances too. Here's Celine Dion at the Today Show announcing her new album to the camera. An artist as successful as Celine really just has to say her name and album title for it to go platinum, but lesser-known musicians can doll up the video any way they wish for more attention.

Tease a Video

Sir Paul McCartney, perhaps the most dapper of the Beatles, is teasing his new video with a short clip of him getting dressed and warming the pipes for a concert. This is another example of a big name doing very little for an effective promotion, but imagine all the money saved on a television commercial by going Vine's route.

Behind the Scenes

Harry Styles is goofing off on the tour bus and catching six seconds of it on camera. Fans go nuts at the chance to see behind of scenes footage of their favorite bands. And the more fun they're having off stage, the more drawn in those fans get. Anything from touring footage to chilling out at home can make for an interesting Vine when done right.

Preview a Concert or Special Event

Showing concert footage is a great way to promote a tour with more cities left on the trip. Even when fans are aware of the stops, seeing the footage on camera adds a little incentive to get out and buy a ticket when they find out what they're missing. This Vine from VH1 shows off a scene from Lollapalooza in Chicago.

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