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In Response To Loss In Court, ASCAP CEO Continues Pro-Songwriter Attack On Pandora

image from cdn.americansongwriter.comAs we reported earlier, US
District Judge Denise Cote has issued a pro-Pandora ruling in the streaming music company’s court battles with ASCAP.  In response, ASCAP CEO John LoFrumento fired back:

"ASCAP’s more than 470,000 songwriter, composer and music publisher
members make their living creating the music without which Pandora would have
no business. The Court’s decision to grant summary judgment on this matter has
no impact on our fundamental position in this case that songwriters deserve
fair pay for their hard work
, an issue that the Court has not yet decided."

looks forward to the December 4th trial,
where ASCAP will demonstrate the true
value of songwriters’ and composers’ performance rights, a value that Pandora’s
music streaming competitors have recognized by negotiating rather than
litigating with creators of music."

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  1. sure, ascap is concerned about artists…if you’re bruce springsteen. everyone below his level is a bookkeeping expense.

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