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Instagram Music Videos With Merch On The Side

Nghbrs-roomsBefore Instagram added video, musicians and videomakers were already creating music videos from Instagram photos or using Instagram as part of the process. Now, of course, folks are making music videos using Instagram video. The latest example catching attention is a video by NGHBRS for the single "Hold Up Girl" that has already earned them some unique media coverage at

Use of Instagram photos to make music videos include releases from The Vaccines and The Plastics Revolution.

More recently Vinyl Thief used Instagram video for a fan-shot music video.

NGHBRS – Hold Up Girl [Instagram Music Video]

NGHBRS recently released an Instagram music video for the single "Hold Up Girl" from their new album "Twenty One Rooms" (via Chris Leo Palermino).

The DIY effort earned them coverage at

"The entire video takes place in the app, as seen on an iPhone. Singer and keyboardist Ian Kenny came up with the idea, and the Long Island band executed it themselves over a period of weeks…"

"Kenny credited the drummer for pushing the band to persevere as foursome shot individual videos for each scene they cut to in the Instagram app, then mapped out how to get from one to the other, used Schneider’s iPhone to scroll through the uploaded snippets and recorded the whole thing on his computer."

The end result looks great and is a good match between song and technology.

Instagram Videos and Music Merch

Once you've made your own Instagram video, you can take it a step further by tying it into merch.

Cap That has a product designed primarily for consumers. They give you a web app to do such things as take a still image from your Instagram videos to use on individual merch items such as iPhone cases and playing cards.

So consider that an inspiration for your own music merch offerings. There are lots of ways to pull interesting stills from your videos and many reputable companies that will turn them into merch at a price that will then allow you to offer them to fans and still make a fair return.

[Thumbnail image: Cover of NGHBRS' "Twenty One Rooms."]


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