Is MySpace Traffic Growing Again?

image from jumbowallpaper.comMySpace has been undergoing a constant makeover for more than a year.  A new design got rave reviews, but is traffic growing, particularly compared to a year ago? Compete, which measures unique visitors from the US only, says it is:

In fact, according to Compete, MySpace unique visitors are up 109.7% over the same month last year and still has nore unique vistors than Twitter and Linkedin.

Are you using MySpace?

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  1. Yes, but a lot of that traffic has been people visiting the site to find out what has happened to their old content which Myspace deleted overnight during its facelift.

  2. I enjoyed the old my space so much, until they kept changing things. In the name of updating and progress they messed it up so bad that I just finally said a few choice words and did away with all the work I had put into my profile, music, photos and all.

  3. Yeah they pretty much deleted all my bands content, fans and everything. All gone. No biggie, the old myspace was so gamed re fan-counts, that the industry just stopped paying attention to it, so its not relevant anymore.
    Surprised it gets more unique visitors than twitter though.

  4. Most of the relevant content that people want is available, just not right in front of them when they sign in, because the site is now cleaned up from all of that clutter. In the help section, it’s explained where how to get this content.

  5. I’m not surprised at all, seeing that Myspace is trying their hardest to build the site back up and people are coming but not returning. This is why there are so many unique visitors.

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