Music Video Tools: Easy Lyrics Videos, YouTube Cross-Promotions, Vimeo Sales Upgrade

Superstring-logoNew tools and features for making, promoting and selling videos are now available. Superstring is software that allows you to easily create a lyrics video. YouTube has introduced new ways to cross-promote channels. And Vimeo has introduced some very basic sales and marketing features to Vimeo On Demand.

Superstring: Quick & Easy Lyrics Videos

Superstring is software for the Mac or PC that allows you to create your own simple lyrics videos. Recommended by Musformation, Superstring allows you to:

Get started quickly in a few simple steps
• Select a song that you want to create a lyric video
• Automatically find lyrics from ID3 tags
• Align the timing of lyrics by dragging
• Customize styles, colors, and more

While there are clearly limits to what you can do with Superstring, it offers an easy way to get started with lyrics videos.

YouTube: New Cross-Promotion Features

Last week YouTube introduced some new ways to cross-promote videos and channels. Presented for those with multiple channels, the features should be useful for those working with more than one artist or for some collective cross-promotions with like-minded artists.

You can now do such things as "feature any playlist from another channel as a section on your own channel" or even feature other channels with multi-channel sections.

Vimeo On Demand: New Features

Vimeo On Demand, introduced this year at SXSW, is Vimeo's pay to stream or download service. Earlier this month they announced a group of new features:

Rent and Own Pricing Options: Creators can offer viewers the ability to
rent (stream) or buy (download) content at separate prices.

Preorder Availability: All Vimeo On Demand sellers can build buzz and
drive advanced sales by making content available for preorder.

Promo Code Generator: Filmmakers can create promo codes that enable
viewers to access work at no cost; codes can be sent to press or other
partners and used immediately in the improved Vimeo On Demand checkout.

Advanced Statistics: Sellers now get more information about their works,
including trailer plays, paid video plays, and additional revenue
details. In addition, Vimeo On Demand stats are now rolled into a PRO
member's Advanced Stats, which makes them more accessible and easier to

I was surprised to discover that previously creators could only offer videos at the same price for sale or rent. In addition to that much-needed change, preorders and promo codes will be very helpful for marketing and improved stats are always of use.


Hypebot Senior Contributor Clyde Smith (@fluxresearch/@crowdfundingm) also blogs at Flux Research and Crowdfunding For Musicians. To suggest topics for Hypebot, contact: clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com.

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  1. I recently posted a video with some of the lyrics to a song I co-wrote (an old Eurodance track I was asked to adapt from Italian). Links towards the end of the video invite people to check my site for the full lyrics. I also added some info about the song that you discover only by continuing to watch it. It’s an experiment. However, it would work better with a track that has some traction! The execution in this case is very DIY. But maybe someone can expand on it.
    Incidentally, I’m only the lyricist on this one and the track is not even available for download – hence the lack of investment. 😉 This is purely one for the archives.

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