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New Music Hack Days Announced For Chicago, New York and Bologna

image from musicmachinery.files.wordpress.comThe Music Hack Day tradition is spreading with three new events just announced in Chicago, New York City and Bologna. Expect more Fall and Winter Music Hack Days, including London and Boston, to be announced in the coming weeks. Details:

  • Chicago – September 21 – 22 – The first ever Music Hack Day in Chicago.
  • Bologna – October 5 – 6 – The first in Italy, in collaboration with roBOt Festival 2013
  • New York - October 18 – 19 – In Spotify’s new offices

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  1. Music Hack Day is one of the best events to meet others that are passionate about music and technology.
    Often people end up making neat or funny (but somewhat pointless) hacks. Sometimes a hack ends up becoming a business.
    In our case we created the rough initial prototype of Bundio ( ), a direct-to-fan subscription platform, at Music Hack Day Boston last November. We’ve come a long way since then but MHD was where we planted the seed.
    tl;dr: Attend!

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