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October Conferences: A3C Hip-Hop Festival Adds xTALKS, Culture Collide Creative Summit Expands

Picture 2Two music festivals with related industry events take place in early October. The A3C Hip Hop Festival in Atlanta, which began in 2005, is adding xTALKS that they describe as "TED-style" presentations with Jermaine Dupri and Young Guru. FILTER Magazine's Culture Collide Festival is expanding their Summit with two afternoons of panels plus a keynote by Moby. Additional October industry events are included at the end of the post.

All Three Coasts Hip-Hop Festival Adds xTALKS

This year the A3C Hip-Hop Festival, taking place in Atlanta from October 2 to 6, adds two "TED-style" events with the introduction of xTALKS.

The "30 to 60 minute story-telling sessions" will focus on the intersection of music and technology likely with a healthy dose of marketing to connect the two.

Jermaine Dupri and James Andrews give the first xTALK October 2 on "The Overlap: Music & Technology."

Production takes center stage October 4 with an xTALK by Young Guru and A3C founder Brian Knott "The Evolution of Production…from a Music and Event Perspective."

The pair of xTALKS are a nice acknowledgement of tech's role in both production and in communication rather than the break in meaning from studio and performance gear to mobile/web networks. Though I'm curious about how these "conversations" will take on the performance-oriented style associated with TED Talks.

Culture Collide Festival Expands Creative Summit

FILTER Magazine is expanding the business-related aspect of this year's Culture Collide Festival with the Creative Summit set to take place October 10 and 11 in Los Angeles.

The Creative Summit offers two action-packed afternoons kicking off with a keynote address by Moby. Moby then joins Shepard Fairey, Dhani Harrison and FILTER's Pat McGuire for the Innovators Panel.

Two additional panels follow on international festivals and sync licensing with a Beers of the World event closing the afternoon.

The next afternoon features panels on record labels and on brand and band partnerships followed by Spirits of the World, an international sharing of alcohol.

The full Culture Collide Festival runs from the 10th to the 12th with a rich lineup of musical acts.

Additional Music Industry/Tech Events in October

October 1 – SF MusicTech Summit, San Francisco

October 4 –'s Music Startup Academy, Atlanta.

October 28 to 29 – Future of Music Summit, Washington, D.C.

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