Music Tech Takes On Pandora, Taps The Echo Nest To Create 80 Million Custom Stations,
which relaunched a beta version of it net music radio service in July has tapped The Echo Nest to turn its 80
million user-created playlists into dynamic online streams.  The
commercial-free streams become more customized via The Echo Nest's Taste Profiling technology that learns based on
what each users plays, skip and likes. The new service is designed to be a direct competitor to Pandora. The Playlist team, says they can do it better, and are ready to prove it. 

They're planning a "Pepsi Challenge" side by side style listening test compare its new streams against Pandora’s artist stations.

“We feel that Pandora is a little bit stagnant in [terms of features]. They seem squarely focused on growing their sales force, which is fine…but I think their service is not something that they’ve innovated on from a consumer standpoint very much in the past several years,” Plaist CEO Robert Davidorf told The Next Web.

Playlist is built on 20 million licensed tracks and offers 500 genre-based stations, in addition to the new playlist-generated streams. 

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