PledgeMusic To Launch Vinyl Vault Featuring Re-issues and Previously Unreleased Music

Pledge-music-recordings-vinyl-vaultSome big news for vinyl lovers is coming from PledgeMusic. But there seems to be a bit of a delay so I've gathered up everything I can about the upcoming launch of PledgeMusic Recordings Vinyl Vault. PledgeMusic has helped bring a lot of vinyl into the world already but their Vinyl Vault project is said to be focused on "albums previously unreleased on Vinyl and Vinyl re-issues from some of our favourite bands." The initiative includes an element similar to fan funding in that a certain number of pledges will be required before manufacturing a release.

A Bit of Background: PledgeMusic Recordings and Publishing

I admit that I had no idea that Pledge Music Recordings even existed before now. Both PledgeMusic Recordings and PledgeMusic Publishing launched in 2010 to "leverage the Pledge system as an A&R platform."

PledgeMusic Recordings signed and released albums from The Damnwells and Firehorse in 2011 before apparently being put on the back burner.

PledgeMusic Publishing had a more official launch in 2011 before disappearing. However traces remain on SoundCloud.

PledgeMusic Recordings Vinyl Vault

Now it appears that PledgeMusic Recordings is re-emerging with a focus on vinyl ["Genres: Pop, Rock"] via the PledgeMusic Recordings Vinyl Vault:

"Pledge Music Recordings Vinyl Vaults [sic] is a new enterprise for Pledge Music. We plan to bring to Pledgers albums previously unreleased on Vinyl and Vinyl re-issues from some of our favourite bands."

"We plan to offer items unavailable elsewhere, 7" singles which have not been available since they were first released, test pressings, artwork proofs and much more."

"…as each fan pledges for their chosen item the number at the top of the page will rise towards 100% at that point we will have reached the threshold number of orders to allow us to green light the campaign and manufacture, sometimes for the first time ever, some of your, and our favourite albums on Vinyl."

I initially found out about PM's Vinyl Vault via their Facebook page. There's also a related page that is less active. If they're shifting to the first-linked page, then the name might be changing to simply PledgeMusic Vinyl Vault.

Though the #vinylvault hashtag has been around for awhile, you can use it to find traces of PledgeMusic's Vinyl Vault, such as this coming soon Instagram pic.

New Hires for Vinyl Vault

New hires are being made to oversee PM's Vinyl Vault. Last month Julian Huntly was appointed Global Head of a new catalog division which will likely have a hand in vinyl reissues from the Vinyl Vault.

Jay Coyle is a September new hire as "Head of Nashville Artist Relations and Vinyl Vault Special Projects." According to his LinkedIn profile, beyond his Nashville-related responsibilities Coyle will be:

"utilizing a current network of artists from all over the States and Canada to explore opportunities with PledgeMusic and its Vinyl Vault initiative."

His "key responsibilities" include:

"Source and establish new Vinyl Vault Projects to best serve the legacy artist while super serving their fans."

Vinyl  x (Legacy Artists + Catalog Re-issues + Unreleased Music)
= Mo' Money, Mo' Money

The details are a bit sketchy but a clear image is emerging. PledgeMusic is already deep in the vinyl game as their Vinyl Wednesday news briefs attest. I've seen, but can't find at the moment, references to CEO Benji Rogers' love of vinyl.

So the math makes quite a bit of sense. PledgeMusic has supported a lot of vinyl releases, worked with a bunch of legacy artists and has the experience and resources to start releasing vinyl under their own brand.

Vinyl Vault is yet another piece of the puzzle in PledgeMusic's apparent drive to create a one-stop service for everything an artist needs. And if they don't have it, one of their many partners can surely provide it.


Hypebot Senior Contributor Clyde Smith (@fluxresearch/@crowdfundingm) also blogs at Flux Research and Crowdfunding For Musicians. To suggest topics for Hypebot, contact: clyde(at)fluxresearch(dot)com.

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  1. PledgeMusic is doing something truly valuable for the music community. Benji and his valiant team at PledgeMusic will help so many musicians (and music lovers) and I congratulate them on their success. More people around the world have discovered Yarlung Records and our musicians because of our vinyl releases (new recordings on analog tape) than through any of our other media. Yes, we offer CDs and high resolution downloads and MP3s, but it is the vinyl that has won us our greatest fans.
    As the producer, I am often asked why vinyl has such impact for us and for our musicians. I have a few guesses: first of all, there are few record labels offering new analog recordings because of the extra work and expense involved. Also, one cannot edit analog tape the way one can edit digital music files. This encourages the musicians to prepare for a recording session more thoroughly and enables us to record complete takes of a song or a movement. The listener can hear the difference, for sure. Also, even though digital recording continues to improve (and the science if digital recording continues to evolve every few months) it has not yet reached the quality (and frankly the resolution) of a great recording on analog tape.
    Kudos to PledgeMusic Vinyl Vault. Please keep up the good work!
    Bob Attiyeh, producer
    Yarlung Records

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