ReverbNation Launches Crowd Review: Fan-Sourced Music Feedback

image from digitalbloggers.com(UPDATE 2) New artist and direct to fan services launch almost daily, leaving music marketers and artists juggling a mashup of what might work for them. 3 million artists have chosen ReverbNation as their one-stop marketing hub; and they've been rewarded with a steady stream of new service launches. The latest is Crowd Review, a crowd-sourced music feedback platform.  Submitting artists receive a comprehensive review, including the numerical rating along with comments. Here’s an example:

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“Reminded me of Owl City. Peppy and upbeat with a playful sound. The lyrics were easy to pick up and sing along to. The sound is very young and today. I see this getting a lot of play on the radio, a classic feel good song everyone can relate to. This is the kind of stuff that makes good playlists.”   A Crowd Review for Late Nite Reading

CrowdReview_LateNiteReadingIf a song scores a 7.8/10 or higher they'll get a spot in ReverbNation's Featured Artists lineup along with consideration for play on CBS Radio's Radio.com.

Crowd Review pricing:

  • Bronze Level – $9.95, includes 20 reviews, Track Rating and Word Cloud
  • Silver Level – $19.95, includes 50 reviews, Track Rating, Market Potential, In Genre Class, Song Analysis, Word Cloud
  • Gold Level – $99.95, includes 200 reviews, Track Rating, Male vs. Female, Rating Distribution, Age Distribution, Market Potential, Passion Rating, Market Potential Within Genre,Track Appeal, Similar Artists, Market Potential Within Age, Song Analysis, Word Cloud, Market Potential Within Age & Genre, Scatter Chart, In Genre Class
  • Details here.

An introductory video:



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  1. Meh- I feel like ReverbNation is best at making money off of artists rather than helping them make $

  2. I got reviewed and it seemed fair. Most of them gave an honest opinion of what they did or did not like. You can see how it is laid out on my facebook page Andy Rey.

  3. i found that some of the comments contradicted each other.
    one say the vocalist is pitch perfect and the other says the vocalist cant keep in tune. I mean either you are in tune or your not, right? some say the music is crisp and clear others say its un audible. i dont mind the criticism but i think these things are not opinions. its either in tune or its not, it sounds clear or it doesn’t. so for that reason im not sure if they even listen to your music or just hit the play button and then coppy and paste what they said about the last song.

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