Spotify, Pandora and TuneIn Form Streaming Audio Task Force, Release Online Listener Survey

image from musically.comThree very different streaming services – Spotify, Pandora and TuneIn have joined forces to form what their calling The Streaming Audio Task Force.  First up from the rather grandiosely named organization is an Edison Research  survey of 3000 Americans regarding their listening habits.

Presented during NYC's Ad Week, the study claims that 53% if Americans listen to what is broadly termed as internet radio: 39% personal radio (i.e. Pandora), 27% streaming live radio (TuneIn) and 18% on demand music (Spotify). 

According to the survey 32% of listeners were listening to “a lot” more online radio than they did a year ago. t 26% were entirely new to online listening. A whopping 83% of smartphone owners say they are listening online.

image from musically.com
“The data clearly shows that internet radio is not only a mainstream activity for the majority of online Americans, it’s also essentially expanding the pie for audio media,” said Larry Rosen of Edison. “The advent of mobile listening, and the proliferation of choices for the types of internet audio, have transformed the medium from niche activity to major media channel in under ten years."

Here are the presentation slides:

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  1. this article raises more questions than it answers. it also doesn’t seem to address the enormous number of people who are listening to traditional radio stations via their internet streams.

  2. The new music biz is the same as the old one and Oil is the new oil too and as much as most people wanted unicorns to come in and make the music business all warm fuzzy and a click away it’s just not the case. Not sure it ever will be considering there’s now a CassetteDay seems like we’re going backward. Meanwhile while folks are picking at the edges there is sooo much consolidation going on because having content is king.
    So having clear channels of it and being able to make it fungible with the developing world is this great new visit that Tom Silverman and others are talking about and IMHO learning to adopt to what the fans want how they want it is our task. It’s simple most of them already tell us that they’re BuyingThis we just need to ask digital or physical and are you a member of fan club so the artists can tell you when they’re intown or have something else for you to check out.
    It’s why that guy bought that paper.

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