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Twitter #Music In Action With New Spotify App and Playlists On Rdio

Twitter-music-app-logoTwitter #Music may not be the hottest music service on the planet but they've made some moves that should encourage more listeners to check them out. Recent activity includes creating a new Spotify app and adding playlists to Rdio to allow for listening from within those services. Less noticeable tweaks to their iOS app are a reminder of the social potential for this somewhat maligned service.

When Twitter #Music launched back in April it included integrations with Rdio and Spotify. Then, as now, short previews of songs are provided by iTunes with the option to connect to Rdio or Spotify to hear the complete songs.

Now instead of listening via Twitter #Music, you can listen to Twitter #Music picks from within both Spotify and Rdio.

Last week Twitter #Music debuted a Spotify app that looks much like its web app except for the inclusion of a visible logo from acquiree We Are Hunted that links to the "HUNTED" feature. The #NowPlaying option is not available on Spotify.

They then followed with the debut of genre playlists on Rdio based on Twitter #Music trending charts.

Both offerings are a great way to further develop the relationship with Rdio and Spotify while spreading awareness and accessibility for Twitter #Music.

The social aspects of Twitter #Music were also given a boost on the iOS app with, you guessed it, a stronger tie to Twitter. Each track in the #NowPlaying feed shows the connected tweet:

"When you select a song to listen to, the thumbnail will now expand and identify the user in your following list that originally tweeted about the song…it also gives you the option to reply, retweet and favorite their message."

"Furthermore, hitting the ellipsis icon brings up a basic share menu, either for tweeting about the track yourself or sending it to some[one] else via email or text message."

To some degree these all seem like obvious moves but, partly because of that, they have a nice completing the circle quality to them.


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