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4 Tips For Music Marketing With Email Newsletters

Youve-got-mail-card-karma-on-flickrAs musicians and music marketers build their lists of consenting recipients, from fans to friendly contacts, a number of approaches are taken. Some simply contact their list with special announcements. Others focus on building subscriptions to regular news often via a musician's blog. Former Daily Candy CEO offers tips for a third now less frequent approach of creating a separate email newsletter that is distributed first by email, archived on the web and then publicized or reposted on social media sites.

DailyCandy built a thriving digital publishing business centered around an email newsletter. It's now a more complex efforts but former CEO Pete Sheinbaum maintains that such email-first publishing efforts are still quite relevant.

While building an email newsletter as a business sounds like quite a challenge, though I think Sheinbaum is correct, it's much easier to use email newsletters as a form of content marketing and fan communication for musicians.

Creating custom content that goes first to subscribers and can be accessed via mobile devices is definitely a way to feed your fans. Given that both music marketers and ecommerce providers are currently reporting strong results from email, a regular email newsletter with fresh content might do well.

Pete Sheinbaum shared his "tips for anyone trying to build a successful newsletter today" that I think are quite relevant to music marketing:

4 Tips For Music Marketing With Email Newsletters

1) "Entertain and inform"

Always make your newsletter enjoyable to read even if the news is fairly dry.

2) "Be brief"

Get to the point. People be busy!

3) "Stick to one topic"

Think of it as more like a single blog post rather than a week's worth of posts.

4) "Leverage non-email channels for delivery"

Even email-first should not be email-only.

If you're struggling with your email marketing strategy or thinking about going email-first, definitely check out the full post for additional insights.

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