5 Ways To Make Sure You Don’t Lose Your Position On The Internet [Kosha Dillz]

Awkward-good-wayBy indie rapper Kosha Dillz (@koshadillz).

So many people are always talking about the biggest thing they ever did in their life. How many kids do you know who were child superstar athletes and got burnt out by the time college came? I know tons of those kids. What about people who were in shape when they were younger and are now 50 pounds overweight…do you know any of those people? I do.

If you are sitting on your ass after winning some huge underground award or going on a big tour, you already know that the next thing should be in place. It's imperative for the success of a warrior athlete to train every day whether competing or not, to make sure they are capable of keeping up with the next man. Let's make an analogy with our music careers. What are you doing to make yourself better? (in your music career) I know that's not an analogy but I'm sure you understand what I meant!

Don't show your big cards first.

Those who do are in the lane of DMX, who used to be on top of the world. What is he doing today? That's not a diss, but many of us know he is in and out. In my business, I don't wanna tell everyone about my Superbowl commercial now. That was last year. It's not the first thing I tell them. I am working to tell them something current, that brings out the most current me. It shows dedication, relevance, and comes from a place of honor and integrity. It's a testament to our hard work. If it comes up. I enjoy to speak about it. It's not the first thing I want you to know right now. Every time something huge on the horizon happens to me and I mention it to someone, it takes away its power. First; it has not happened yet. Second; when it does happen it will not have the power it would have.

Respect your work place.

Even though you were the boss at one moment, low level employees have the ability to move up the ranks way quicker today. Take a few years off with light training and the low level varsity kid becomes a monstrous beast you can't contain. We need to keep working in all areas of our life so we can keep up. The blow up overnight thing is a complete lie. The kid you haven't heard about who just pops up on the blogs has been working very hard over the years to be where he is today.

Stick to the basics – waking up early and going to work on your career is necessary for survival.

Because you won a few awards and landed some big cash doesn't mean you can relax, take off work, or take anything for granted. You might be out of work for the next year. You might have a real injury. Wake up early, write your emails, write your songs, and keep planting seeds everywhere you go. Hopefully they will grow.

Stay humble: if you look at the covers of XXL and the freshmen, I can tell you that most of them don't stick around.

Why is that? I think there are things in line that don't help them out. Someone once told me be nice to the people on the way up, because you never know who you will see on the way down. Being humble is a big part of my success.

Helping the new guys will help keep you new.

Helping someone and not electing anything in return is for sure a way to get new blood pumping into your veins. You can only keep what you have by giving it away, on many occasions. The more you give to the people who will never pay you anyway in physical $$$ is way more worth it than the small $$ you could've extracted from them in some other capacity. Build a following of loyalty. I just helped someone without expecting anything in return, and I can already tell its gonna pay me ten fold.

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