7 Major Facebook Changes That Will Affect Your Music Marketing

Facebook-event-by-thos003-flickrFor many of us, Facebook has become an awkward, disappointing platform that we still have to use if we want to get the word out to friends and fans about our current activities. For folks marketing music, it remains an indispensable tool for such efforts. Facebook continues to change in ways that can affect marketing. Belle Beth Cooper recently discussed 7 changes of which you should be aware including a few we've discussed previously here at Hypebot.

Belle Beth Cooper wrote about Facebook changes for Buffer's marketing blog.

7 Major Facebook Changes Musicians Should Know About

1. "Images are now bigger and wider – Here are the right sizes to use"

Facebook Link Thumbnail Image Dimensions [Reference]

This is the kind of nitpicking detail that drives me up the wall but you need to know it to have a bit more control over how your images appear on Facebook.

2. "News Feed ranking is now smarter, including 100,000 individual weights"

Actually the most important recent changes are updates to Facebook's news feed ranking algorithm which many of us will continue to call EdgeRank since that works well as a term for a black-boxed snarl of math that decides what gets shown in the Facebook news feed.

Current math is reportedly designed to feature posts with which users interact in various ways encouraging an emphasis on quality content rather than high volume posting.

3. "There are new and improved Page insights"

Facebook's New Band Page Insights Can Tell You If You're Reaching Your Fans

4. "You can now edit already published posts"

Damage control!

5. "You can now Auto-play videos"

Actually in testing phase and only visuals will auto-play unless you tap on the screen.

6. "Public Feed API and Keyword Insights API"

This is an area to watch as it sets the stage for more external use of Facebook data especially by news organizations which could translate into marketing opportunities.

7. "You can embed Facebook posts – Get more likes and follows"

Facebook's Embedded Posts Go Live To All

Facebook now rewards you for helping them attempt to take over the web!

Check the post for more of Cooper's take on what's been changing at Facebook.

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