7 Tips For Marketing Your DJ Sets On Mixcloud

Mixcloud-logoMixcloud says its "Cloudcasts connect the dots between radio shows,
DJ mixes and Podcasts." These streaming shows tend to feature music, though talk shows are also available, and they're finding a lot of different ways to help DJs get seen from competitions to marketing advice on their blog. Recently, Mixcloud's Head of Community, Andreea Magdalina, shared "7 Tips For Getting Your DJ Sets Noticed On Mixcloud." Here's an introduction to marketing on Mixcloud.

Mixcloud is a web radio service with iOS and Android apps featuring what they call "Cloudcasts."

DJs are a big presence on Mixcloud and they are often featured in Mixcloud promotional efforts such as DJ competitions for shows and special musical content such as the Celebration of Curation 2013.

But, as a Mixcloud blogger notes in a post about running DJ competitions on Mixcloud, "it’s pretty much impossible to add them all to the Competitions page."

So that means marketing your music on Mixcloud may lead to bigger promo opportunities. Andreea Magdalina, Mixcloud's Head of Community, recently posted tips for getting your dj set noticed.

7 Tips For Marketing Your DJ Sets On Mixcloud

1. Tag your mixes!

2. Add a timestamped tracklist

3. Pick a great profile picture

4. Write a compelling description

5. Be consistent

6. Use your social media channels

7. Be the community

Check the tips at Digital DJ Tips for more details of an approach applicable to many such platforms.


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