7 Ways I Paint The Lemons Gold On Tour [Kosha Dillz]

Lemon-quinn-anya-flickrBy indie rapper Kosha Dillz (@koshadillz).

Writing this from a San Francisco airport while I head in to Medford to play with my dude Matisyahu on the Good Vibes Tour. As I sit here quite miserable with lack of sleep, exhaustion and flight delays, I thought what better thing to do than write about how grateful I am for a tour to be called The Good Vibes Tour. It's almost impossible to not have a good time and if you aren't just remember where you are. For a clinically depressed anxiety driven artist like myself, it's really great to be a part of such a positive movement.

Ok. (coffee sip)

I am on a tour where there is a minimum of 2500 people a night and up to about 8000 in some places. I am only one man who performs one song. I drive myself to the gigs on most occasions, and my pay is quite humbling, but I got to tell you that the experience is so priceless that I am becoming richer by the day. Not so much physically, but mentally and spiritually and emotionally. I thought about writing this article since I saw a few fellow concert goers with the Atmosphere shirt, "When Life Gives You Lemons, Paint That Shit Gold." Here are 7 ways I am making the lemons gold on this tour so far and earned myself cool points in all aspects.

1 – A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Sometimes it's hard to understand what is really happening from a follower/fan perspective. I take pics of my trip and ask people to help take pictures when selfies don't do the job justice. Conveying the message with a great statement of action is the best thing to do.

2 – Consistently Blog With Words

People care about lyrics on this tour. People care about my word. I am wordsmith. I am writing blogs every day and hoping to build up tons of content. If we do the Good Vibes tour again, maybe I can have a lil diary to sell on my next tour. I write every day a story about a different show and city. Instead of talking about it, I make sure I blog it. It's not every day that you get to blog about performing in front of 2500 people or 25 people or how ever many people you perform in front of. People who read care and you want people to care about you.

3 – Autographing

Although my autograph isn't worth too much yet, I offer autographs because I am on a tour where everyone is a superstar of some legendary status. Zion I is an integral part of West Coast hip Hop and globally known, while Collie Buddz has various hit songs, and Matisyahu and Rebelution need no introduction. If you are part of a tour and are smaller than everyone else, you are still with everyone. Proceed as such.

4 – Be a Team Player

Behind the scenes, there are nearly 50 people who are working on this tour. Not only are there people here, but these people are also in the scene and work with other bands, venues, brands and more. For instance, Marley Williams, the bass player from Rebelution, has a clothing line called HIll Kid, which is getting tons of love on the tour. People where the clothing brand all over and we all wear each others merchandise. How can you help the other people do something when you are not doing something? I remember Yak Ballz telling me to always help out. If there is something that needs to be carried, carry it. If someone needs something, extend your hand and grab it for them. Take pics of your homies on stage, lend an extra hand cleaning up, and offer to get people things when you know they need some help.

5 – Presents aka Free Merch

It's not often you get to be with some great people who throw great events. Someone who I look up to is a fellow named Igor, who has two of his artists (Zion I x Collie Buddz) on the tour. Igor always gives merch to the workers, promoters, and people at the events. This mind state has furthered his brand since the beginning. I shake hands with the promoters, tell them I was the guy rapping for a few minutes, give them a cd and tee shirt, and grab an email. Next thing ya know, I might find myself playing these amphitheaters one day. Regardless if I don't, they'll have some good tunes and nice shirts to wear.

6 – Take Your Time and Pay Your Mind

If superstars were superheroes they can speak to all 5000 people, but we both know thats impossible. Take the time to speak to 50 people. I think that can actually help and you are mor likely to find people willing to recruit for you next time in town. Build more of a connection online and offline in person. Hopefully these people will help me push to new heights in my real support dates in these upcoming months!

7 – Excitement In Your Videos

I managed to film myself running up the magnitude of Red Rocks while it was completely empty. later on that day it had over 9500 people in a sold out crowd where I performed with Matisyahu. The result? Epic and priceless. The reality? People want to see the greatness of it and will remember it forever. Make sure the people who didn't see me or remember who I was, find me via the video I post online. Make a performance video become a specific performance video, with excitement. It will naturally get more eyes, since it's Red Rocks via Reggae on the Rocks . Although you might miss some fans, the ones who find the video will appreciate it that much more, and lead to more followers/success for you and your career.

Painting the lemons gold isn't about the sell out show. It's about the VIP experience. It's about catering to those who are seeking "it" out, wanting the extra experience of personal engagement. This amphitheater tour is my opportunity to build my personal club tour, where I have my own people taking my freestyle rhymes and pushing for my next show to see a full Kosha Dillz set. The VIP treatment Matisyahu and Rebelution fans get are all a great way for me to learn how to create my own VIP team.

My album "Awkward in A Good Way" comes out on November 5th.

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  1. Wow, thanks for a nice set of reminders. Sometimes when I feel like the guy shoveling elephant poop at the circus, I remember that when asked how he could put up with the smell a day longer, he said, “what, and quit show business?”

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