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Artist Growth Adds Free Tier, Integrates Bandsintown, Appoints Powerhouse Advisory Board

Artist-growth-logoArtist Growth, a leading provider of music management tools, yesterday announced a bundle of positive news. For those just getting started, Artist Growth added a free tier called the "EP Package" featuring basic services. For all their customers, Bandsintown is now integrated with Artist Growth to keep all concert news updated. In addition, Artist Growth announced a high powered roster joining its Advisory Board and connecting AG to their respective organizations.

Artist Growth, who provides a suite of tools for online and mobile management of music acts, has always seemed fairly priced to me. AG's focus on mission critical needs makes it a core tool to consider for anyone in music management. Yesterday's announcements only strengthen that position.

AG Adds Free Tier

Now Artist Growth is opening things up for self-managed acts on really tight budgets to get an intro to what they offer while meeting basic needs with their free "EP" starter kit including:

  • Event Listing (with Bandsintown Sync coming soon)
  • Financial Tracking
  • Live Performance Royalty submission to PRO
  • Inventory Tracking + Management
  • Team Management with Permissions

Bandsintown Integration

AG's Bandsintown integration will not only make it easier for Artist Growth customers to update concert information for both fans and artist/managers but will also introduce AG to Bandsintown's 170,000+ user base. According to the announcement:

"Artist Growth clients will now have the ability to sync their AG accounts with their Bandsintown accounts. Upon account setup, AG will import any shows already posted on the Bandsintown platform, and as shows are confirmed, AG will automatically send them to Bandsintown."

Advisory Board Announced

To cap things off, Artist Growth also announced new Advisory Board members intended to strengthen support for Artist Growth's own management and future growth. These board members will also strengthen ties to their respective organizations. Advisory board members include:

"Ken Levitan (Vector Management), Coran Capshaw (Red Light Management), John Peets (QPrime South), Randy Goodman (Nashville Music Council/Spalding Entertainment), Joe Galante (former Chair of Sony Music Nashville), and Mark Montgomery (FLO {thinkery})."

"Coming on board to adopt Artist Growth are Vector Management, Red Light Management, Spalding Entertainment, The Collective, and American Roots Music."

Lots of great news for Artist Growth that will hopefully support their long-term growth and service to the music industry.


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