Bandzoogle Beta 2.0 Upgrades Tens Of Thousands Of Musician Sites [EXCLUSIVE]

image from media.tumblr.com(UPDATED) Yesterday, Bandzoogle completed the migration of the "tens of thousands" of musician web sites it hosts to a new Beta 2.0 platform. Both members and new
sign-ups are now using the new codebase and server. "The goal  was to rebuild the foundations of our platform and migrate the sites we host," Bandzoogle CEO David Dufresne tells Hypebot. "The biggest upgrades are coming in the next few weeks and
months, and we will have new features and updates on a regular basis, going

Bandzoogle2For now, Bandzoogle users will
notice a faster control panel and design tool. They've added new
themes and redsigned their media players, blogging features,
calendar, store and photo galleries. These artist website showcase the new features and design:

Up Next

"The upgrades we are
working on now include a a complete new design system and new theme
layouts, expanded commerce features, tighter API integrations with popular
services including SoundCloud, Instagram and Tumblr, multilingual options, a
redesign of bandzoogle.com
and of our blog, and the relaunch of Onesheet," says Dufrense.

Bandzoogle recently aquired One sheet, an musician focused social web site builder.

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  1. Seeing lots of “502 Bad Gateway” errors on those example sites. Must be some growing pains.

  2. Thanks for the update, David. You are right…not seeing those errors anymore.
    This article mentions new templates…is there a way within the Dashboard to identify which templates are the new ones?
    Also, on a related note, will you guys be rolling out any templates that are more mobile friendly? Or mobile responsive/adaptive?

  3. We keep the new ones in the first few 2-3 pages of the theme picker. There’s only a handful of new ones for now, but we’ll add quite a few more in the next days.
    I have a very low opinion of the current options on the market for responsive mobile sites when it comes to musician websites, so we’re working hard to get it right and do a better job. Responsive designs shouldn’t have to be bland and boring…
    Our templates and features right now are mobile friendly, in that they should render and work on modern smart phones and tablets (the music players play and everything is functional). Our biggest project right now is a completely new design system that will enable new kinds of layouts in the themes (side-bars, custom footers, different headers, etc.) and it will include responsive options for themes. Coming soon.

  4. I see a number of artists showcased above have variations of this on their store/shop pages: ‘mp3s available on *this* page’ which sends customers elsewhere… away from the store page! This is pretty clunky. Until all the listen/buy/download options are on one page a-la bandcamp and other digital download formats are available then I can’t move to Bandzoogle. Apart from that, it looks good!

  5. Hey Mutton,
    Which one of those sites did you mean?
    On Bandzoogle you can build a full store for your both your digital music and physical CDs and merch, using our native features. We process payments with Paypal and we take exactly 0% of the transaction as a commission.
    So you can easily have “all the listen/buy/download options are on one page a-la bandcamp”. Example: http://www.nataliegelman.com/store
    We also have options for other digital formats.
    However we also make it easy for folks to embed or integrate other players, widgets, and download/store options if they wish to do so. Sometimes they’ll do it because of contractual label or distributor reasons, or because they want a tighter integration with their fulfillment partner.
    In conclusion, you can move to Bandzoogle right now, we will welcome you with open arms and frequent updates 😉

  6. One small thing… Bandzoogle should update the default social icon for TWITTER that appears on all the artist sites. It still uses the “t” (of course, so does Hypebot)…even though Twitter transitioned to the bird a few years ago.

  7. I offer up myself and my Berklee Online Music Marketing classes as a means of feedback if/when you have some template designs you are considering or working on. New templates, especially truly mobile friendly — not just “workable” on mobile — will be welcome in a big way.

  8. “all the listen/buy/download options are on one page a-la bandcamp”
    We have that now. You can sell or give digital downloads, and sell your physical CDs and merch, using our native music and store features. We use Paypal to process payments. And we take a commission on your sales of exactly 0%. We also have options for other file formats and we’re launching more commerce features soon.
    We also let you embed or integrate with other players or stores if that’s what you want. So that might have been what you saw. Sometimes our users need to do that because of label or distributor contracts, or to integrate with a fulfillment partner, and we make it as easy as we can.
    Bottom line, you can move to Bandzoogle today 😉

  9. Hey Craig, Onesheet is one of our next priorities, so it should be ready soon. We will definitely integrate some BZ features into Onesheet but it remains to be determined what will be free vs. premium.

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