Berklee Online Adds First Bachelors Degrees In Music Production and Music Business

Berklee-onlineBerklee Online has long offered online courses in music, business and production. They even recently partnered with Southern New Hampshire University to offer an online music biz MBA. Now they're offering their first undergraduate degrees online, a Bachelor of Professional Studies with two areas of focus, Music Business and Music Production.

Berklee Online's current online offerings range from individual courses to certificate programs in specific specialties. They've also experimented with free classes and even recently released a BitTorrent bundle of music lessons.

Earlier this year Berklee Online and Southern New Hampshire University announced a jointly offered online MBA in Music Business drawing on specialties of each institution.

Yesterday they announced the launch of two Bachelor of Professional Studies programs in music production and music business. Applications begin October 7 with the first class starting fall 2014.

Annual tuition is $16,500, 60 percent cheaper than a traditional degree at Berklee College of Music. In addition, both previous college credits and life experience can be applied to the program which is "especially targeted to adult learners who have earned previous college credit and/or associate's degrees but do not hold bachelor's degrees."

In addition to general ed courses, the Bachelor of Professional Studies of Music Business combines courses on music industry basics from touring to publishing with electives and specializations as well as core music studies courses.

The Bachelor of Professional Studies of Music Production includes such basics as microphone recording techniques and mixing and mastering as well as relevant electives, specializations and music theory courses.

For more information, sign up here.


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  1. You cannot ear a degree in music production from your couch…this is complete BS. Way to make your music business program just a piece of paper. You need actual time behind a console for production.

  2. That would be valid criticism if that’s all they did. But it took me about a minute to double check and see that your assumption was false.

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