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Bitcoin x Music: First Bitcoin Jukebox App Debuts, Crowdfunding Site Pozible Accepts Bitcoin

Beatcoin-bitcoin-jukeboxBitcoin, a virtual currency that's pushed the alternative currency movement into high gear, continues its unpredictable growth towards toddlerhood with periodic bumps into the world of music. Beatcoin debuted at the Disrupt Europe Hackathon with an app that can be described as a Bitcoin jukebox for the digital age. Crowdfunding platform Pozible is now accepting Bitcoin for pledges which are then paid out in Bitcoin. In the broader world, the first Bitcoin ATM's hit the streets and BitMonet helps content creators build Bitcoin paywalls.

First Bitcoin Jukebox App

Beatcoin debuted at the recent Disrupt Europe: Hackathon offering venue owners the chance to open up their sound system to their customers in exchange for Bitcoin micropayments.

As Beatcoin puts it:

"Want to set up a juke box in your place? It's as easy as downloading an app to your mobile and connecting it to the sound system. We will instantly spin up a site for all your device's titles and allow visitors to vote on the next song with micro payments."

There have been a number of apps that were designed to allow customers to vote via app for songs. This is the first one that I've heard of that's monetizing the voting.

Pozible Accepts Bitcoin

Pozible, an Australian crowdfunding site that's helped numerous musicians, recently announced their presence in the U.S. though they still haven't launched U.S. crowdfunding for some reason.

Whether U.S. musicians take to Pozible or not, it's worth noting that they now accept Bitcoin.

They also recommend the Bitcoin wallet Coinjar and point you to "What is Bitcoin" for background info.

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The world's first Bitcoin ATM's are rolling out.

BitMonet offers an easy way for content owners to create Bitcoin paywalls.


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