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Earbits Indie Music Radio Launches iOS App

Earbits-meg-myersEarbits provides indie music radio for web and mobile listeners commercial-free. They launched an Android app earlier this year and today released their first iOS app. Earbits' innovative combination of directly submitted indie music and listeners' own collections combined with experiments in artist promotion make them an important service for DIY and indie musicians to consider. With the addition of an iOS app, they now have a solid reach on web and mobile.

Earbits combines music directly submitted by indie musicians and hundreds of genre-based stations with music from the collection on one's own device to create a streaming mix of options. It's free and so are the apps.

Earbits-grooviesMusicians license their music for free to Earbits in exchange for marketing on the platform though publishing royalties are paid. Earbits created a social currency, Groovies, that encourages fans to spread the word about musicians and that effort has resulted in a dramatic increase in engagement with big boosts for musicians' email lists as well as Facebook and Twitter followers.

Earbits' free Android app was released earlier this year and has earned high ratings from users.

Like the Android app, the new iOS app has a nice look and quickly drops you into music listening.

It also gives your fans with iPhones the chance to spread the word about your music while mobile.


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