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Echo Nest Spin-off ‘This Is My Jam’ Is Building The Song Graph

image from crunchbase.comWhat started as a hack by four London based staffers at The Echo Nest has spun off as it's own startup. This Is My Jam was created because the pair wanted a place dedicated to sharing music more satisfying than Facebook and Twitter feeds. So far 1.5 million "jams" have been created.

This Is My Jam is for sharing one song at a time, says the developers. "Pick the one that means the most to you right now and discover which songs truly matter to your friends."  The next step is discovery: "Follow people if you like their music; and only if you like their music. Then play all their jams with one click. Listen to an evolving radio station of the best music, handpicked every day by your friends."

This Is My Jam
“You share one song, it lasts for a week. We are gradually building up a “song graph” around users" said one of the co-founders Matthew Ogle told TechCrunch. "This is for fans, not people you went to high school with who happen to be also on the streaming music service you are on… This is data we didn’t have when we started, but more importantly, the intensity of preference expressed by every jam is unlike anything we’ve worked with previously,”

The Echo Nest will retain an undisclosed equity interest in the new company.

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