Facebook’s New Band Page Insights Can Tell You If You’re Reaching Your Fans

Facebook-post-reachOver the summer Facebook has been working on new Page Insights, the analytics dashboard for your Band Page on Facebook, and they're finally making it available to all users. There are some very interesting options for figuring out who your audience is and how well you're reaching them. I'm even feeling like digging back in on Facebook even though I honestly despise the platform. But my friends and the possibility of reaching new people keep me on Facebook and I can honestly say that the new analytics will not only help me see who my posts are engaging but help me stay engaged.

In June Facebook announced updates to Page Insights and, though there were early reports, they were also tweaking the product and preparing for a wider launch. This week all Facebook Page admins should be seeing the new Page Insights in their accounts.

Facebook's announcement includes a walkthrough of the key features, in particular, the new 6 tab organization of analytics data:

Quick take on the last week featuring Page Likes, Post Reach and Engagement with data from the last 5 posts.

Analytics for Page Likes over an extended period with the ability to click on a single date or drag and click on a period of time to dig deeper and investigate significant activity.

Data about the Reach of your Posts including distinctions between Paid and Organic in Total Reach and negative actions taken such as "Hide, Report as Spam, and Unlikes."

Focused on Page activity from views to activities such as mentions to external referrers.

Dig into individual Posts and find out when your fans are online and which Post Types get the best response.

Fan breakdown by demographics such as age, gender and location with a cool comparative feature to see how your fans compare to all Facebook users.

All of these features have more options and the ability to drill down in various ways.

Overall I find the new version of Page Insights a lot more inviting than the previous one that combined metrics. This also gives me some fresh ways of thinking about what my one key metric for success on Facebook might be.


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