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Hypebot's Second Music Tech Meet Up [PHOTOS]

6a00d83451b36c69e201901ea149c9970b-800wiLast week a ton of Hypebot readers gathered for our second Los Angeles meet up. It was a fantastic time filled with excellent cocktails and wonderful conversation. We saw many of our friends from the previous event and met many new people in the community, too.

Corey, Jason, and I started this event because we wanted to connect Hypebot readers to each other and encourage them to have meaningful conversations about the music and technology industry. We couldn't be more pleased with how many readers came out and shared their in-depth expertise about their different worlds.

See photos from the second Hypebot meet up below:

I had conversations with readers about the impact of YouTube on indie artists, the greatest challenges of being an artist manager, and the state of licensing for music startups. Many thanks to Noah Becker (AdRev), Cyndi Lynott (WCP), and Vickie Nauman (7digital), who each provided insightful answers to my tough questions!

Corey, Jason, and I couldn't be more excited about the turn out for the meet up and how genuinely enthused people were come to out. There is a good chance that we will host another Hypebot music tech meet up before Christmas or sometime early in the new year. Stay tuned to the blog for more details about upcoming events.

Huge thanks (again) to Rosewood Tavern and their lovely staff!

Photo (5)

Corey Crossfield (Collective), Jason
Spitz (Upward Spiral), Kyle Bylin (Live Nation Labs)

Photo (5)

Nick Seaver (Music Anthropologist), Joseph Bielski (ABC
Studios), Elena Awbrey (10th Street Management)

Photo (5)

Mark Tindle (Musicmetric), Cyndi Lynott (WCP Artist Management), Allison
Shaw (Manic Monkee), John Lenac (Pledgemusic), Amy Wallace (Pledgemusic)


Jason Spitz (Upward Spiral), Kristi Allain (Addition), Jeff
Ponchick (FullScreen), Chris Jahnle 

Jesse Worstell (AdRev), Noah Becker (AdRev), Lukas
Heather Badower (BFM Digital)

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