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Music Blogs: Cultural Voices Take On New Mediums

Small-business-blog(UPDATED) There is no question music blogs have a strong presence in today's music business. Serving as a primary source of inspiration, material, and the information you need to be successful, music blogs have been a mecca of sorts for musicians everywhere. Skeptics claim these blogs are losing their footing as a substantial resource, but Knar Bedian de-bunks that myth by highlighting the new potential for the success of music blogs in the world of app mediums. You're on a music blog now – how has your interaction with this blog or others shaped your career? What do you think the future looks like for music blogs? Read more about the potential for blogs like these on

"To say the future of music blogs looks bleak seems a bit unfair. Like
much of the information industry, they’re slowly adjusting to the the
changes brought about by new technologies and evolving consumer

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