Music D2F Sales: reKiosk Partners With The Orchard, ShopLocket Launches Preorders

Shatner-ponder-the-mysteryDirect-to-fan sales and ecommerce are key tools for building an independent music career and the options for online and mobile sales continue to improve. The Orchard is now experimenting with reKiosk's ecommerce services beginning with the release of William Shatner's newest album "Ponder The Mystery." And, while it's a bit unclear when ShopLocket started offering preorders, the new feature fits right in with ShopLocket's overall growth and development.

reKiosk Partners With The Orchard

Digital marketplace reKiosk combines digital storefronts for content sellers with affiliate-based storefronts for those who want to curate stuff for sale from reKiosk.

William Shatner recently released a new album, "Ponder The Mystery," which is also the first sale item at reKiosk from their partnership with The Orchard.

According to reKiosk's email newsletter, in addition to the Shatner release, The Orchard:

"will also be using reKiosk to run special promotions and distribute free copies of albums to radio stations, giving fans and bloggers the tools to buy and promote these albums and turning them into a digital sales force."

ShopLocket Launches Preorders

ShopLocket has come a long ways from their early days when they simply processed orders for single items. Now their ecommerce options include multi-item checkouts and direct sales of digital files.

ShopLocket also now offers preorder options that they're promoting as a way to "bridge the gap" between the end of a crowdfunding campaign and the release of an album or related product. They join a wide range of ecommerce providers offering preorder options.

ShopLocket collects credit card info, stores it using Stripe and makes the final charges whenever you wish.


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