SoundCloud, Vine, Google Search, Instagram Updates For Music Marketers

Google-lou-reed-songsTweaks and interations are the name of the game as a number of new features are rolling out for major web services used by musicians and music marketers. SoundCloud is making it a little easier to add Instagram pics. Vine now lets you save video drafts and edit your choices. Google is experimenting with its musician results in search (click on thumbnail at left). And Instagram showed examples of their upcoming ads.

SoundCloud Integrates Instagram

SoundCloud now reaches 250 million monthly listeners [ed. via the site as well as other sites and points of access] and is a core element of the web's music infrastructure. Now all of those posting music will be able to connect their Instagram accounts and add pics to "tracks, playlists, groups, or profile" a bit more easily.

Here's a how to from SoundCloud.

Vine Adds Drafts and Editing

Vine, the shakey string of six-second videos maker, is adding rough drafts and editing.

Vine is calling the new features "Sessions," which allow you to save clips to work on later, and "Time Travel," which allow you to "delete, replace and reorganize shots" before saving a final Vine.

We'll see if these new features result in a new wave of Vine activity.

Google Tweaks Musician Song Search Results

In another step towards every web service becoming a publisher, Google is adding a "new knowledge graph carousel with the songs from the artist at the top" of search results.

Search for lou reed songs and the initial results include lists of songs. Click on a title and the YouTube video appears below the song listings.

When you look at such a page, you now get video links, a sidebar box with bio and other info, a selection of headlines and then regular search results. You can also click on such options as Images and Shopping in the nav bar at the top decreasing the need to leave Google.

Wonder if this approach will be reserved for big names or will include smaller fry? I'm seeing smaller artists with YouTube videos not yet getting this treatment. In any case, it's new and worth keeping an eye on.

Instagram Introducing Ads

Instagram recently announced that they will be introducing ads to the popular photo-sharing platform.

Now they're showing us what they look like and answering a few questions. The ads will be gradually introduced at first in the U.S.

Initial advertisers include "adidas, Ben & Jerry's, Burberry, General Electric, Levi’s, Lexus, Macy's, Michael Kors, PayPal and Starwood." So, at least for now, they won't be available for small campaigns.


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