No Repress/Fistcogs Anonymously Battle “People Playing Wall Street” With Collectible Vinyl

NorepressThough the entities behind No Repress are anonymous, they're getting a positive response to their new service Fistcogs which is designed to combat vinyl speculators with particular inspiration from the traders using Discogs. Concerned that speculators snatching up new vinyl releases and immediately jacking up the price are making it difficult for everyday people to get desired records, Fistcogs' founder "norepress" gets to know you via email before sending your desired discs when available.

FACT Magazine's Tom Lea recently spoke with the founder of No Repress, "norepress," about their new service Fistcogs:

"Every day…I get mad at someone on Discogs about new releases! I remember losing my shit when that Sandwell District album came out and was hitting 100€ after a couple of days. It doesn’t even make sense, you get listings for unplayed and still sealed copies popping up online only days after release because it’s like some limited edition shit."

"People playing Wall Street instead of just buying records for themselves. Sometimes, you can miss out on a release because you went to eat a pizza and then you’ll have to spend triple the price just because an idiot bought five copies."

So how does norepress get vinyl into the right hands?

"You go on the website…see a record you wanted, send me an email and then we usually start chatting a little bit. The process is really easy but I just wanna make sure I don’t sell those records to the wrong people."

Ah, the anonymous yet personal touch of human hands!

norepress says he's getting a great response to the service though the folks at Discogs have not been praising him. However, as norepress explains:

"I get to send records to places like Malaysia, India or Uruguay where people don’t even have a small chance on getting those record[s] for cheap."

Like the site says:

"Don't email us if your plan is to make money over it on discogs !"

Clearly not a service for mainstream buyers, Fistcogs' stealthy ways might be just the thing for hardcore vinyl collectors. But if it all seems a bit vague, next time you're in Berlin you can check out the Fistcogs bin at Bass Cadet Records / Store.


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