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One Platform To Connect All Of EDM Culture: SFX Entertainment [SFXE] Gathers Its Forces


Analysis Of Today's SFXE Acquisitions

My initial response to the news that SFX Entertainment had acquired Fame House, Tunezy and Arc90 was to speculate about the bigger picture but to miss the obvious signs of what I used to call "The Big Takeover." Based on a blog post from Arc90 CEO Rich Ziade and a conversation with Tunezy CEO Derrick Fung, it's clear that they're building one big platform to tie together all of EDM, or what they term "Electronic Music Culture," including events, artists, fans and brands.

Connecting "Every Aspect of Electronic Music Culture"

After my initial post on SFX's acquisitions I found a post by Rich Ziade, CEO of Arc90, on their role in the future of SFX:

image from"The designers and developers at Arc90 will become the core of the SFX Platform Team. We will work with the other groups at SFX to create a completely new digital platform to connect and serve the legions of fans and artists that make up electronic music culture…"

"SFX originally came to Arc90 as a client. As the relationship grew, we were incredibly impressed by the scope of SFX’s vision: a vision of one digital framework that connects together every aspect of Electronic Music Culture (EMC)."

"It was clear to us that SFX had plans to build something entirely new and unprecedented: a global, API-driven platform that delivers content, connects people to events (and to each other), connects artists to their fans, integrates with the largest social networks, and works across devices. And those are just the aspects of the system that we can publicly disclose."

I'm trying to find out more but I'm betting this is about all that Ziade can share at the moment. Right after reading that post, I spoke briefly with Tunezy CEO Derrick Fung who could only speak in a limited manner about what the future might bring.

Tunezy Adds Their Services to the Mix

image from musicmanagersforum.caFung confirmed that they would continue to work with established clients but are definitely part of the new technology platform under development. He feels that joining SFX is a logical continuation of their use of tech to solve music industry problems.

Though Tunezy had expanded beyond music to serve a variety of YouTube artists, their core development was inspired by the needs of musicians from their initial shift from social record label to ecommerce platform to their deepening focus on fan experiences.

Fung looks forward to having a larger home to further develop their ideas and approach. He says they've seen Electronic Music Culture grow and believe it is a real movement rather than a fad. Regarding SFX founder Robert F.X. Sillerman, Fung said that they all believe in what he's doing and are ready to focus on building SFX.

One Ring to Bind Them All

So Robert F.X. Sillerman is building an Electronic Music Culture kingdom, binding together forces to create one big platform connecting as many stakeholders in the EDM scene as possible.

In discussing the new acquisitions as a base for artist services I was obviously stuck in a pre-web mode, thinking of each part as separate rather than recognizing that a web-based platform can merge those features into an interactive space where marketing artists and serving fans becomes a more fluid enterprise.

This is going to be fun to watch!


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