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Transmitter YouTube Channel Launching To Promote British Musicians

Transmitter-logoOn Friday UK music trade group BPI, which represents record labels, and LoveLive, a company that specializes in music content and live video, announced a partnership to launch a new YouTube music channel on November 11th. Called Transmitter, the new channel is intended to promote UK musicians with exclusive programming and live streamed shows including content curated by the artists.

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Lou Reed: Sales Did Not Measure Influence

LouThere is a quote about Lou Reed attributed to Brian Eno.  Not only is it's origin difficult to pin down; the quote has evolved over time: "The first Velvet Underground record may have only sold 1,000 copies, but every person who bought it started a band."  In recent years, the number of records sold and bands started grew to 30,000. Whatever the numbers, the underlying message is the same.

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12 Music Apps From The 2013 Rails Rumble

Rails-rumble-logoRails Rumble is a 48-hour hackathon for folks all over the world using Ruby on Rails and related frameworks to create web applications. 500 teams participate and, over a course of 48 hours, code their way to a web app. I was invited to be a judge and helped pick out the top apps among a somewhat overwhelming array of interesting entries at least 12 of which were directly related to music.

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Hypebot's Second Music Tech Meet Up [PHOTOS]

6a00d83451b36c69e201901ea149c9970b-800wiLast week a ton of Hypebot readers gathered for our second Los Angeles meet up. It was a fantastic time filled with excellent cocktails and wonderful conversation. We saw many of our friends from the previous event and met many new people in the community, too.

Corey, Jason, and I started this event because we wanted to connect Hypebot readers to each other and encourage them to have meaningful conversations about the music and technology industry. We couldn't be more pleased with how many readers came out and shared their in-depth expertise about their different worlds.

See photos from the second Hypebot meet up below:

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Promotion for the Independent Musician

JohnTag2There is a lot of competition in today's music business. Between the thousands of people uploading their new material and the already established acts, it can be difficult to get the airtime you desire when presenting your music to your potential listeners. The first step to success is to do your research, the second is to make a plan. Phosphene Productions outlines key promotion ideas for independent musicians on MusicThinkTank.com

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Getting It Done: The Week In D.I.Y. and Indie Music



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REWIND: The New Music Industry's Week In Review

Hypebot Reverse


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We're Streaming The Future Of Music Summit Live Free Starting @ 9AM ET Today

image from futureofmusic.orgIt's not too late to get your tickets to the Future of Music Summit in Washington DC this Monday and Tuesday presented by the Future of Music Coalition. (use Hypebot as a discount code and save 15%).  But if you can't make it, we'll be streaming all the action live starting Monday around 9AM ET.  Here is the full schedule. Check back at the top of the Hypebot homepage each day for a link to watch.  We'll be participating ion the online conversation, and hope to connect with you there. WATCH LIVE HERE.

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98.9% Of All Tracks Sell Less Than 1000 Copies and Other Music Industry Fun Facts

scared(UPDATED) 98.9% of all digital music tracks in existence in 2011 have sold fewer than 1000 copies.  That's 7,931,408 out of 8,020,660 songs. This and other "fun" music industry facts from a new book by Harvard Business School Professor Anita Elberse's new book Blockbusters: Hit-making, Risk-taking, and the Big Business of Entertainment . Here are more (Aspiring artists, brace yourself...) :

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Veteran Music Acts Auction Their Royalties To Alternative Investors

Royalty-exchange-logoVeteran musicians, legacy or heritage acts, whatever you call them, established musicians have a back catalog and related work that offers unique methods of monetization. Recently Loud And Proud Records partnered with Royalty Exchange to provide represented artists and rights holders with the option of packaging their royalties and putting them up for auction as alternative investments. Rather than gambling on future earnings of emerging artists, investors get the opportunity to invest in artists with an established history.

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Live Nation Acquires Voodoo Music

voodoo music logoPromoter giant Live Nation has acquired a controlling stake in one of the nations' best known festivals, the Voodoo Music & Arts Experience. “I am grateful for the opportunity to join the Live Nation team” said Stephen Rehage. “Our outlooks on the festival market are aligned and we look to grow the Live Nation festival roster over the coming years.”

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Troy Carter Announces New Tech Investment Fund Of $75 - $100 Million

Af-squareTroy Carter is forming a new tech investment fund between $75 to $100 million which should include music tech investments though Carter is not pinning himself down to a specific thesis. Announced Wednesday, details are sketchy, coverage is limited and participants are undisclosed. But Carter has been even busier than I realized from his recent investments through AF Square to his creation of Atom Factory Music.

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Universal Music Quietly Expands Blu-Ray Pure Audio Album Releases To UK

Blu-ray-pure-audioUniversal Music is gradually introducing Blu-Ray Audio discs, or what they're calling High Fidelity Pure Audio, to international markets just in time for Christmas. Though Blu-Ray is a still-growing higher quality video alternative to DVD's, Blu-Ray Audio is being discussed as a niche play that some assume is doomed. So far the news has been given scant attention but Universal Music believes that Blu-Ray Audio can become a significant niche offering.

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How Top Musicians' Brands Benefit From Acting Roles

You-can-actBy David Bakula, SVP Nielsen Entertainment.

At their core, musicians are entertainers. And the creativity they put into making music can often translate into other areas of entertainment. The same can be said for actors and actresses. The underlying creative talents of these individuals can often lend themselves to successful projects outside the realms where they initially claimed their fame.

Here we examine some musicians who’ve tried their hand at acting and a few big-screen stars that have dabbled in music.

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Value Added Streaming

StreamingThere are countless avenues to access music but there's no question on demand streaming has developed a respectable monopoly on music discovery. Spotify, Pandora, Rhapsody and many others draw in millions of listeners on a daily basis who stream the music for free or for a small premium. Undoubtably, this is a favorite of fans everywhere, but how does this minimal per-play compensation affect the artists we're listening to? Can we change the way we stream music to fairly compensate these talented musicians and add value to the music industry money can't buy? Kristin Thompson thinks we can and explains how it's possible on MusicThinkTank.com

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Music Publishing News Weekly Roundup: October 25, 2013

image from upload.wikimedia.orgGoogle’s YouTube is expected to launch a freemium, on-demand music streaming service before the year’s end. Sources report the service, which is designed with mobile usage in mind, will be similar to Spotify, but with video. Google already acquired most of the licenses required to launch the service in preparation for its Google Play Music All Access launch earlier this year. YouTube’s new streaming service is expected to launch before Beats Music, which may not launch until early 2014.

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The New MoshCam's 20 Top Live Concert Videos

MoshcamBy Eliot Van Buskirk of Evolver.fm.

Another company wants to make live music on the internet a thing.

MoshCam, sporting a clean new look as of this month, claims to be creating “the world’s [sic] largest online catalogue of originally-produced high definition live music videos” and already to be among the top three percent of YouTube channels. Its HD concert and interview videos are also available in apps for iOS, Android, Hulu, Google TV, some Sony TVs, and on websites like this one (see our top twenty concert list below). All of it is free, on all platforms, with the artists owning the copyrights.

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Facebook Slips To #2 Social Network For Teens [CHART]

image from www.hypebot.comFacebook has lost its crown as the most popular social network for American teenagers, according to Piper Jaffray's biannual survey among thousands of U.S. teens. The world's largest social network has been replaced by Twitter. Facebook's popularity with teens has been trending downwards for a while as Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr have gained traction.

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Complete List Of Exclusive Releases for Record Store Day's Black Friday 2013

Record-store-black-friday-2013-posterThis year's Record Store Day Black Friday celebration November 29 will bring more than a sleigh full of unique exclusives releases, mostly vinyl, mostly rock, to indie record stores around the country. This year's selection is dominated by older rock acts including Bob Dylan, Cheap Trick, The Grateful Dead, Jethro Tull, The Doors, The Clash and Paul Simon. That probably represents a sweet spot for Christmas vinyl sales as vinyl becomes a small but reliable revenue stream for both major and indie labels.

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New On Hypebot's Jobs Board: Folk Alliance Seeks Executive Director

image from www.google.comThe newest listing on Hypebot's Jobs Board comes from Folk Alliance. This amazing organization which serves musicians and all things folk, as well as, producing what is probably the most fun convention in the music industry, is seeking an Executive Director. Details on all this opportunity and much more are on Hypebot's Music Industry Jobs Board.

HIRING?  How To Post Your Job:

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Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley Lead 2013 List of Top-Earning Dead Celebrities

Elvis-and-michaelWith Day of the Dead just around the corner it's time for another mildy macabre look at Forbes' list of the "Top-Earning Dead Celebrities." This Baker's Dozen, Lucky 13, is a mix of musicians, including Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley, Bob Marley, John Lennon and Jenni Rivera, and assorted stars from Charles Schulz to Bruce Lee. It's interesting to see the IP of Albert Einstein and Bettie Page bringing in similar estimated amounts. But that's show biz!

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Burton Cummings' Fan Response To Social Media Takes Off With RebelMouse

Burton-cummingsOriginally posted on the RebelMouse Blog.

Burton Cummings, the Canadian Hall of Fame rocker and former lead singer of "The Guess Who", has seen his website's numbers shoot through the roof since powering it with RebelMouse in early May '13. The dynamic blend of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+, YouTube and Pinterest updates has resulted in:

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One Platform To Connect All Of EDM Culture: SFX Entertainment [SFXE] Gathers Its Forces


Analysis Of Today's SFXE Acquisitions

My initial response to the news that SFX Entertainment had acquired Fame House, Tunezy and Arc90 was to speculate about the bigger picture but to miss the obvious signs of what I used to call "The Big Takeover." Based on a blog post from Arc90 CEO Rich Ziade and a conversation with Tunezy CEO Derrick Fung, it's clear that they're building one big platform to tie together all of EDM, or what they term "Electronic Music Culture," including events, artists, fans and brands.

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5 Apps For The Lightweight Music Fan

Obama-mckayla-maroney-591x587By Eliot Van Buskirk of Evolver.fm.

For the type of music fan who grew up playing music, haunting record stores, hosting college radio shows, experimenting with file sharing, and then ultimately discovering the wide world of music apps, there has never been a better time to be a music fan.

We have more ways to discover music — and better ways to fulfill our obsessions with what we discover — than the music fans of any other era ever had (collecting that music is a different story).

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YouTube To Launch Subscription Music Service Within Months

YouTubeIn what could be the biggest threat to Spotify's growth yet, YouTube is putting the finishing touches on an on-demand subscription music service to launch later this year. The outline of the licensing deals were completed in May alongside the launch of Google's All Access music service; and industry insiders have been telling Hypebot about the YouTubes plans for weeks. But now specific details are starting to leak.

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