Musicians: Are You Ready for the Six Most Profitable Weeks of the Year?

image from diymusician.cdbaby.comDid you know there’s a special six-week window of opportunity that comes once a year – every year? The sad thing is, most musicians aren’t aware of it or don’t give it much thought.

Will you be different? Will you be ready this year?

FACT: About 20 percent of all annual music sales take place in the last six weeks of the year – during the holiday season! And the demand is there consistently every year.  Internet-based holiday sales, in particular, continue to grow … and there are more opportunities all the time to tap into these online consumer dollars.

Many independent artists profit simply because they put a little time and energy into creating annual holiday campaigns that gain momentum year after year.

THE PROBLEM: Most artists never tap into this holiday revenue potential.

Why? Thanksgiving, Christmas and Hanukkah come only once a year, and they are short-lived events. It’s easy to justify not putting much effort into them. Therefore, most musicians ignore this holiday music income stream.


ACTION STEP: Now is the time to create a plan to share your music, do good in the world, and profit from the unique way you can help people celebrate during the holiday season.

  • Can you find a venue where you can present a holiday-themed music event in December?
  • Are there any retail stores in your area that could use some live music during the holiday shopping season?
  • Can you record a new holiday song and release it in the coming weeks?
  • Have you recorded Christmas music in the past that you can bring back out in the coming months?

Do what the smart bands and artists do: Think ahead and create a plan now that will serve you and your fans during the coming holiday season.

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