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Snapchat Promotes New “Stories” With Emerging Acts, Presents Music Marketing Opportunities

Snapshot-storiesSnapchat Stories is a new feature that greatly increases the potential for marketing music on this increasingly popular photo/video messaging app. Previously pics or videos disappeared after 10 seconds of viewing. Now users can elect to include each one in a Story which links them together and lasts for 24 hours. Given that marketers were already finding ways to use Snapchat, this new feature opens up all sorts of possibilities. Snapchat is probably looking at ways to monetize with marketing but, for now, they're not announcing any specific plans.

Last week Snapchat, the photo/video messaging app featuring pics that are designed to disappear after a designated period, introduced Snapchat Stories, linking together "Snaps" into a stream that is available for 24 hours. They're promoting the new feature with a series of videos featuring new bands Goldroom, Smallpools and Guards.

Introducing Snapchat Stories feat. Goldroom

Over time Snapchat has evolved from a self-deleting after 10 seconds photo/video sharing app into a networking app with increased content creation and communication options. In particular, Stories introduces the ability to create more permanent pieces of content that make it easier for followers to check out.

So Stories combines two powerful current trends, messaging apps becoming social networks and social networks, among others, becoming publishers.

But it also radically increases music marketing potential. In fact, a diverse array of marketers had already revealed Snapchat's potential prior to the launch of Stories:

Snapchat Marketing Is Now a Thing

Previewing a runway show via Snapchat is kinda brilliant

More official possibilities may be in the works. TechCrunch's Jordan Crook notes that when Snapchat sent one of their Stories promo videos to Snapchat users, it included an iTunes link to the band's music.

But it's not an official feature. Snapchat founder and CEO Evan Spiegel described it as:

"a little experiment…We wanted to work with LA bands, celebrate Los Angeles, and we thought working with them was a fun way to educate people about what stories are. Plus, it’s a good way for users to hear their music."

Ellis Hamburger's piece for The Verge includes a bit of speculation:

"Spiegel won’t comment on Snapchat’s plans to monetize its business, but there’s potential in Stories. Imagine a future where Miley Cyrus opens her Story to everyone (since the app allows two settings for who can see your Stories: friends or everyone). At any point in the day, you could check on what she’s been up to — which would provide plenty of opportunities for advertising or brand placement. Spiegel smiles when I suggest the 'follow a celebrity’s story' idea — which is already entirely possible with the latest version of Snapchat — but affirms his pledge to keep any kind of grown-up business ideas out of the app for now."

So it seems likely that Snapchat will offer some kind of marketing tools but it's also quite obvious that you don't have to wait for new features to start marketing your music now on Snapchat.


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  1. I’ve never given Snapchat a chance. Seemed like a fun waste of time more than a brand building tool.
    But, having a story present for a whole day seems more compelling. I don’t look at someone’s Twitter history longer than one day, so might have some merit.
    Time to download a new app.

  2. Yeah, most things that get posted have a quick decay in interest so 24 hours should be plenty.
    Plus it could be copied or recreated or whatever and posted to YouTube.

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