Spotify Adds Follow Buttons, But Will Artists and Labels Use Them?

Spotify follow_button_headerSpotify has added Follow buttons in the hopes that artists, labels, blogs and brands will embed them on sites. The buttons make it easy for web visitors to follow artists, label, tastemaker or any Spotify profile. But with Spotify payments producing less revenue for many artists and labels than sales, or a even play on Pandora, will they add them to their sites?

Previously the Follow button had only been available on the Spotify site. Now the music streamer suggests these uses:

  • image from musically.comArtists can use Follow buttons to bring fans to their profiles
  • Music labels can promote their artist profiles
  • Promoters can help publicize future events
  • Fans can promote their favourite artists
  • Bloggers and publishers can grow their following on Spotify

Promoters, bloggers and fans will likely embrace Follow buttons as an easy way to link to related music and increase their presence on Spotify.  Artists looking for exposure may want to do the same. But others, even those that accept Spotify as a legitimate and growing revenue stream, could choose to wait rather than encourage fans to listen to their music from a source that returns only minimal revenue. 

Thos that want to embed the Spotify Follow button can find out how here.

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