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Tips and Tools For Music Promotion On SoundCloud

Justgo-musicJustGo Music offers free social media tools with a unique focus on electronic music artists. They also launched a blog earlier this year that's turning out to be a great source of tips and ideas for social media marketing with a slant towards electronic music artists and other djs. For example, I've been seeing more about marketing with SoundCloud there than I tend to see on other music marketing blogs. So here are some tips and tools for building your presence and promoting your music on SoundCloud that seem relevant beyond the world of electronic music.

I only recently started keeping up with the JustGo Music Blog (via Dotted Music) that launched in February. It's a promotional effort for JustGo Music's social media and marketing tools which I have yet to check out though specific tools and features are referenced as relevant in particular posts.

JustGo Music's blog illustrates that electronic music has particular social media tendencies that lead to emphasizing different tools and approaches than other genres. For example, SoundCloud seems to be a much bigger deal in dj and electronic music circles than in rock or country music.

Recent SoundCloud-related posts include an intro to DiscoRank, a case study of a relatively unknown musician's efforts and a recommended WordPress widget.

A Beginner’s Guide to SoundCloud DiscoRank

DiscoRank is the catchy name for a complex algorithm that SoundCloud
uses to decide which tracks to promote in its search results and on the
Explore page.

JustGo Music encourages you to make sure your tags and titles are searchable and be sure to spell check track metadata.

Activity related to particular tracks is also important including
"reposting, favorites and follows, and external inbound links from
platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus and Tumblr."

Be sure to coordinate promoting with posting since SoundCloud prefers fresher sounds.

How bedroom DJ ‘Mr. Aker’ got 550 plays on SoundCloud in 24 hours

Mr. Aker featured 24 artists in a mix that was posted to SoundCloud, YouTube and Mixcloud with a tracklist that included links to the official tracks on SoundCloud and YouTube.

He then scheduled tweets throughout the release day targeting the artists with Twitter handle, track title, time stamp for track in the mix and link to the mix on SoundCloud.

The included artists responded well and helped promote the mix.

WordPress Widgets For Your DJ Website

JustGo Music recommends the SoundCloud Is Gold WordPress widget for managing and posting your SoundCloud tracks with the advice:

"This SoundCloud widget will take a simple post to professional grade, but as you enjoy the instantaneous upgrade, let the polish up the ante of your social strategy; use the format to encourage and enable you to package highly effective pieces of sharable content."

And if you're new to SoundCloud or to personal brand building, be sure to check out How to Build a SoundCloud Following.

More: 5 Ways To Promote Your Music With SoundCloud

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  1. I have been having some success with for getting a good disco rank.
    Just liking, reposting, commenting, creating playlists, following on a regular basis. Nothing crazy, but it seems it is better to do a little bit every few days, than just blast it all once a month

  2. Sounds like a creative way for EDM artist and DJs to promote their music. The scene it getting really crowded nowadays.
    Similar David, I’ve had success getting some of my music ranked higher. I used a few different marketing providers I found on Very useful for new artists, and it works.

  3. there are many service provider those can make your plays viral within short time. and you also can promote your audio streem using your social network facebook or twitter with your followers.

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