Tunecore Announces $330M In Artists Payments

image from www.tunecore.comTuneCore
has paid out more than $330 million to artists since the company launched the
business in 2006, according to stats shared by the digital music distributor.
TuneCore Artist earnings grew 20% January-September 2013 versus the same period
in 2012 – a whopping 135% increase in music downloads and streams.

Ackerman, TuneCore COO, said in a statement: TuneCore is committed to providing
you with affordable distribution and publishing administration solutions to
build a successful career, get your music heard worldwide, and make money from
your music. We congratulate all TuneCore Artists in achieving this $330 million
earnings milestone."

month, CD Baby announced that it
has paid out more than $300 million to artists using its services. This year
total CDBaby payouts to artists are expected to be $60 million.

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  1. I think you got it wrong. Tunecore announces $330 million in artist payments. The correct interpretation is artist have paid Tunecore $330 million to use its services.

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