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Music Publishing News Weekly Roundup: October 25, 2013
How Top Musicians' Brands Benefit From Acting Roles

Value Added Streaming

StreamingThere are countless avenues to access music but there's no question on demand streaming has developed a respectable monopoly on music discovery. Spotify, Pandora, Rhapsody and many others draw in millions of listeners on a daily basis who stream the music for free or for a small premium. Undoubtably, this is a favorite of fans everywhere, but how does this minimal per-play compensation affect the artists we're listening to? Can we change the way we stream music to fairly compensate these talented musicians and add value to the music industry money can't buy? Kristin Thompson thinks we can and explains how it's possible on

"The music services that will win, in the long run, will be those successfully enhance the connections between musicians and fans. But it will take continued pressure from musician and songwriter advocacy groups to ensure that services do not just treat music as a crowd-gathering mechanism. We need to work together to propose practical solutions."

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