Bandzoogle Now Lets Musicians Sell Any Digital File With No Fee

image from www.hypebot.comA week after completing the migration of
its user base to their new 2.0 platform, Bandzoogle has announced a new feature
that could help artists make more money from their direct-to-fan sales.  In addition to selling music in MP3 format, or physical CDs,
records and merch, Bandzoogle users that are on their Pro plan can now use the
platform’s “store” feature to sell any digital file.

The feature lets users simply upload a file,
or a bundle of files, add an image and a short description, then set the price.
Immediately after purchase, the files will are made securely available for
download by the buyer. And, like all other commerce features on Bandzoogle, the
transaction is processed with Paypal. Bandzoogle doesn’t take any cut of
the sale.

New Bandzoogle
In this post
on the Bandzoogle blog, CEO David Dufresne lists 20 ideas of digital items that
musicians can offer to their fans including

  • sheet
  • guitar tabs
  • poetry or photography ebooks
  • exclusive videos
  • files
    like stems 
  • loops for remixers and other artists

It will
be interesting to see how musicians and bands make use of the new feature. Many
comedians, following in Louis CK’s steps, now drive significant revenue from selling
downloads of their DVD-type videos for usually $5 direct from their websites,
so there might similar possibilities for musicians to create new trends, and
ways of monetizing their music and art.

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