DIY Merch and Marketing: Bandcamp Adds Gifting, Topspin Intros Cross-Promotions

Gift-asenat29-flickr Here's some action from music support elves making DIY artists' lives easier. Just in time for the biggest sales season of the year, Bandcamp introduces gifting. Now you can give digital downloads as gifts with physical products up next. Over at Topspin they've added a promo exchange as well as advertising options via ArtistLink, which is a rebranded version of GoDirect now on its own site. So go make merry and benefit from the season while building to an awesome New Year!

Bandcamp Adds Gifting

Yesterday Bandcamp announced the option to buy and send digital music as gifts:

"You can now send any album or track on Bandcamp as a gift. Just click 'Send as Gift' (below the Buy Now link), enter the recipient’s email address, add an optional personal message, and then check out as always."

"Your friend will get an email containing a link to the high-quality download, as well as instant, unlimited mobile access to the music via the free Bandcamp app."

Physical items will also soon be available. Gift recipients can easily set up a Bandcamp fan account if needed without making an additional purchase.

For folks wanting specific music as gifts, there's a Bandcamp wishlist option.

As Bandcamp notes:

"Your fans would love to support you by giving your music to their friends. Please let them know that there’s now an easy way to do so!"

In some respects this is an increasingly basic ecommerce feature but, given the power of Bandcamp for indie artists, it's well worth noting.

ArtistLink Promo Exchange and Advertising

ArtistLink, previously known as GoDirect, is the home for various free services developed by Topspin.

ArtistLink is the gateway to getting an artist's page at artists.MTV, VH1 or CMT and uploading your content. ArtistLink also supports integrated sales and downloads on your page.

In addition, ArtistLink offers fan-gating, i.e. requiring an email address, Twitter follow or Facebook like to access content.

In yesterday's newsletter, Topspin announced the ArtistLink Promo Exchange:

"The ArtistLink Promo Exchange is a free and optional cross-promotional network where your offers are promoted to fans of similar artists and in return you agree to allow other artists to promote their offers in front of your fans. The more impressions you give to other artists, the more impressions you get in return."

And if you want to pay for more specific promotions, ArtistLink now has an advertising program.

They say they have more plans ahead so go sign up now to hear about it before we post about it.

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