FanBridge Acquires, Relaunches Tweet For Track, Captures 1M New Fans In ’13

FanBridge_Logo_2013(UPDATE 2)  Fanbridge has confirmed their acquisition of Tweet For Track.  "We've always had an interest, but now have folded it in entirely," Fanbridge founder Spencer Richardson tells Hypebot.

FanBridge has relaunched Tweet For Track, which offers a simple way for artist to trade a free track for a tweet or Facebook message.  We're waiting for official confirmation of a full acquisition, but Fanbridge announced today that, after an ongoing relationship, they are "officially bringing Tweet For Track" into their product family.

In conjunction with the FanBridge email and marketing toolkit, Tweet for a Track helped artists collect not than 1 image from media.mediapost.commillion new fan emails in 2013., according to the company. 

"Though we’ve always had a relationship with Tweet for a Track since it started, we’re excited to formally bring it into the FanBridge family alongside ourAudience CRM & Collaboration technology as we enter 2014," the company posted on the Fanbridge blog.

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  1. Hmm… you take the time to click on article, read through, and leave a comment that adds absolutely no value in any way (anonymously of course).
    Funny part is I’m 99.9% sure I actually know the guy behind ‘FanBoring’ and many of the other snarky pseudonyms/comments across Hypebot. Yes – many are 1 guy!
    Would blow his cover, but *yawn* no one cares.
    So keep on sucking off the digital world FanBoring, and we’ll keep on doing our best to give it tools to grow, if it’s all the same to you.

  2. tweets are pretty worthless, at least compared to facebook posts. it’s a cool concept but it’s impact seems minimal.

  3. Honestly, no need to feed the troll.
    And if he is a musician or gives musicians advice it’s all to the good. It means the smart musicians will have less competent competition.

  4. Agreed on both fronts, and worth noting that we require all fans to give their email to join the artists list in addition to the tweet itself (also we send download link to them via this email so we can confirm it’s real).
    That’s how it got artists over a million emails. Would also note the name is Tweet for a Track but about a year back they added facebook posts as an alternative for fans too (also capturing email address).

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