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“Fuck You Google+” – Users Respond As YouTube Changes Comment Rules

image from tctechcrunch2011.files.wordpress.comRecently Google began requiring that users sign in via Google+ before posting comments on YouTube. The reaction has been mixed at best.  Some see it as a way to clean up the cesspool of comments pervasive with some clips.  Others see it yet another example of Google grabbing too much control. Emma Blackery landed squarely on the negative side and expressed with the strongly profane yet catchy tune and video, "My Thoughts On Google+" which has gotten close to 300,000 views so far.

The refrain:

image from socialmediatoday.comFuck you, Google Plus
We don't want your fucking fuss
You've ruined our site and called it integration
I'm writing this song to vent our frustration
Fuck you, Google Plus
Your website can get fucked
If it was gonna 'work' it would've happened by now
Maybe ask Yahoo to fix it somehow?


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  1. I’m leaving YouTube, its the best way to tell them, The only way and not to come back even to view other material. I’ve had 3 channels because of glitches and new changes in the passed caused me to drop them and restart but this time no restart. No more YouTube, I already have a Vimeo account and a Dailymotion account and im going to drop every Google product even the search engine. I once again loose well over 140 uploads but the sooner the better. They say it was to control comments, That’s BS as that is what the block user button did effectively if user’s really wanted to.

  2. Agree 100%
    They think they can take over the world. I hope a small militia storms google and kills them all. Who the fuck do they think they are?

  3. Agree too!
    Deleted my Youtube Account (delete hahahahaha) and don’t use google products anymore. Including maps and the search engine!
    No facebook – no twitter AND NOW: NO GOOGLE

  4. Just recreated my YT presence under another alias because I cannot be mixing vocation (no choice) and avocation on Google+. Lost all my views (such as they were) but… Am looking into Vimeo as well. Why continue to do this when they’ve killed the joy in it? Think they can do whatever they want because they have all the viewers. The same kind of thinking that has led the arrogant AHs of both parties running this country to rack up 16 trillion in debt. When Google’s excrement hits the rotating ventilator noone will cry. When America’s does…

  5. I also deleted one of my 2 Youtube accounts and ALL the Google+ accounts that had been created automatically for some – to me unknown reason.
    I like Google maps but Google+ makes me wanna vomit.

  6. I didn’t have problems with my YouTube account until Google+ took over. I friggin hate it! Google as far as a search is fine but Google+ can just die.

  7. You Tube is now Finished, a long time coming with centurship, political correctness and constant threats about freedom of speech, protected groups, fear of losing a channel you had for a long time for talking about controversial subjects. Silencing is now Complete!
    Moving on!

  8. Fuck Google + Corporate spy CIA , NSA pieces of shit. We really just need to walk the fuck away. Y/t just went the way of My Space, Dead. If we had any sense! Vote with non compliance! It’s all about making $$ in the end. Starve then out!

  9. BRAVO! I loved the song, it was catchy and expressed by sentiments exactly. I’ve signed out of YT/Google+ on day one of the new changes and I’m not going back. I have Vimeo, Dailymotion, and Veoh that all work wonderfully. The only problem so far has been the limited selection. But now that Google+ has fucked up THIS bad I’m hoping that will change very soon. Godbye Google/YouTube. You’ve really fucked it up this time.

  10. Google has fucked my entire life up with their total shit software. Fuck Google. Fucking 21st century Nazi motherfuckers. Verboten! That should be their support center motto. And do your FUCKING JOB LIKE EVERYONE ELSE HAS TO. Its like a giant Meteoroligist gathering. Right 10% of the time doesn’t keep my ENTIRE PERSONAL LIFE FROM BEING THROW INTO CYBER-SPACE FOREVER.
    SO I agree. Go fuck yourself Google. You’re lame.

  11. I’m thinking the same thing, bro’. I just today was advised that my YouTube account was flagged because of a ‘strike two’ violation claim from some anonymous member of the ‘YouTube community’ to a totally harmless screencast review I did of a new redirect feature.
    Of course I’m locked out of my fucking account now but I looked at their ‘community guidelines’ and saw absolutely noting which qualified as a violation.
    I protested to YT but got an email back in about 24 saying, “Sorry…we’re fucking you anyway…. but thanks for writing.”
    So…fucking YouTube is going to be on my bucket list from now until the Rapture.

  12. Hi Emma, I am so glad Google have made all the fucked up changes lately – it shows us what a complete pack of a55holes they are. The total fucking arrogance. “Google Wallet” is a slight typo, what they means to say is “YOUR wallet is now Google’s Wallet”
    Fucking assholes.
    Love your video Emma. Let’s bring these bitches down 🙂

  13. Good Luck, you can’t stop the Google. Nothing can stop the Google.
    You not using the Google will never impact their success and reach as a company.
    Quit whining

  14. You people don’t get it… never mind disabling comments: there will be no more free speech. No more sharing of ideas and information. This is only a part of the crackdown on free speech. Not one of you will get together anymore over the internet or in person. You will huddle in your holes and remain isolated. You have been trapped by a technology that is now your master whether you like it or not. If you want to stop being a dependent slave: you will have to create your own culture, society, organization, and your own communication network; apart from what has been sold to you. And what’s more: none of you will even try to do this.

  15. Agree with you.But we can resist by just avoiding using Google search. Every Google search is used by them to sell ads, at ever increasing prices. STOP using Google and it will reinverse results…

  16. Wrong assumption, my dear. WE CAN STOP GOOGLE, JUST STOP USING THEM AS YOUR SEARCH ENGINE. Use Yahoo or any otheroption available to tyou. KIll Google from their origin…

  17. I definitely think that Google serch should be avoided bu the majority of people. The main problem is their own convenience: it´s a lot easier to click on Google’s search then at any other search engine like yahoo, bing, etc.
    Excluding Google(and consequently its power) is a Long, honest, and remarkable show-down by the people.

  18. Google destroyed the comment section. It was done for corporate money making concerns. There was NO regard for the user that feeds their fat left wing stomachs. They could have given us a choice; the results would probably ended up better for them and their customers. Google plus will backfire. Everything on you tube now is harder to work with and totally takes the enjoyment out of the video streaming experience. I am a pure “capitalist” in every sense of the word. A company can look to the future and also make reasonably planned decisions as well; this is a case in point of taking things to the point of no return. “Get more profits immediately” was the majority vote instead of having some intellectually conservative forecasting and action regarding their money making video site.

  19. This week I noticed that all of my email accounts were screws up. I could neither get to them and once I did after going in and ourt and reclogging then I could not get out and go on to the next. I did not know this Google Plus had anything to do with my You Tube account until I found this blog. I use all of my emails for business accounts and was getting ready to launch some You Tube vids for business also. Now I am really delayed with this mess.
    Look, I don’t mind big business wanting to get their market cornered. I do understand that they want to control social media as a competitor to Face Book but not to impose their will on their customers. I am now going to have to move all of my email accounts and move on. I want Google to give me a choice. All they had to do was ask if I wanted to sign up for the Plus option. But the contemtous , arrogant notion that I would just take this imposition lying down then they are wrong. So long Google and Google Plus

  20. Agreed with Dan above nothing else would even scratch a money hungry giant machine like google and i dont mean go through with it but a close call would change the dynamic and NO We Cant stop google in any normal fashion because you dont represent the foolish robotic masses.
    people will do what you allow them to… its been true since the don of the human race, for me a little more primal behavior is acential for not being Fucked in the ass. a wizz by there head is about the only thing the Suits (not simple employees) would be afected by remember find the root of the problem. Violent When needed, Protector of Truth… Out!

  21. I totally agree. They have ruined Youtube just like everything else that shit wad company has had anything to do with. I can’t even log in with my old account any more.

  22. If you type “fuck you google” google search behave correctly, that’s how I find this site, but when I search for other stuffs everything disappears and I have to retype my search request, it’s very dumn and …it seams to me everything on the web mostly related to users privacy has changed drastically with using countless updates from all web and browser providers, such as Google, YahOO, windows live/ Bing, foxfox, etc…I believe they fallowing orders from big brothers! this is true that most of them provided some good services to users and we trusted them and let them to make profits from us now they jeopardise our privacy and force things we don’t like or expect.

  23. If you type “fuck you google” google search behave correctly, that’s how I find this site, but when I search for other stuffs everything disappears and I have to retype my search request again, very Dumb! it seams to me everything on the web mostly related to users privacy has changed drastically with using countless updates from all web and browser providers, such as Google, YahOO, windows live/ Bing, foxfox, etc…I believe they fallowing orders from big brothers! this is true that most of them provided some good services to users in past and we trusted them we let them to make profits from us, now they jeopardize our privacy and force things that we don’t like or expect to happen!

  24. This shitty “integration” hasn’t done sweet fuck all to “clean up the cesspool”. Youtube comments remain every bit as overpopulated by idiot sexist homophobic/transphobic racist stupidity as it’s ALWAYS been. The ONLY thing this forced integration limits is OUR freedom to choose what bloody sites we sign up to.

  25. google has fucked up my youtube cant sign in screwed up my email accounts if I could sign in to youtube I would delete my account
    I have had enough of this crap fuck you google thanks for nothing

  26. “Don’t Be Evil” is apparently being translated into “Be The Biggest Evil Douchebags On The Internet”.

  27. Enough is enough.
    The total over run of ads is rediculous and is killing the productive and enjoyable use of the web.
    It is hard enough trying to get information from sites without having over the top ads blocking the visibility. Have ago at Google maps. On a 10″ tablet, 20% of the screen is obscured by ads and stupid controls.
    Who are these morons and why do they waste user time and data upload limits with totally unnecessary crap.
    Be aware google et al, if you don’t get you greedy heads out of your ass, you will lose me totally. The web is not an essential, if is still a toy.
    SERIOUSLY…. between the security issues and ads, I’m beginning to wonder whether its all worth the cost and heartache.

  28. yes google is becoming increasingly useless. You never get an answer only round in circles to the same search engines – or on to a completely different topic
    I must agree – fuck you google

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