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HD Music Film Service Qello Grows Its Presence In The Home Via Playstation

Qello-logoAs the Xbox One and Playstation 4 continue their longstanding rivalry, another music service heads for the land of gaming consoles turned entertainment platforms. Qello, which offers high def music concert films and music documentaries, is heading for the PS3 with PS4 and PS Vita to follow. No word yet on possible Xbox plans but Qello is now available on the web, on mobile apps, via YouTube subscription and on Samsung and Sony Smart TVs.

I don't know what's happening behind-the-scenes but Qello continues to make their subscription video service, with free options including Qello TV, available on a wider range of platforms.

Qello was in the first batch of YouTube paid subscriptions and they even have a Windows Phone app.

But their moves into the home seem particularly significant given the sit and watch element of any such film on video service. They're available as apps for Samsung tv, GoogleTV, Apple TV and on Sony Smart TVs.

With web and mobile in place, this is certainly a cross-platform strategy but Qello seems to be emphasizing home viewing and the world of web-connected tvs as it partners up.

As Qello co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer Rich Johnson puts it:

"Qello on Sony PlayStation gives music lovers easy access to our deep library of concert films…Watching high definition concerts and music documentaries from your living room has never been so easy."

Qello joins Sony Music Unlimited on Playstation. In addition, the PS4 opens up options for playing your own music in games.


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