Kosha Dillz: A Year Of Hypebot Posts Builds To The Release Of “Awkward In a Good Way”

Kosha-dillzLast year indie rapper Kosha Dillz began a series of columns here at Hypebot giving his view from the frontlines of how to make it as an indie artist. Since then he's written a total of 16 columns sharing his unique approach to always finding a way to move forward. His tenacity is impressive and the challenges he faces are summed up, in some respects, by the title of his new album, "Awkward In a Good Way." I've gathered together info about the album and a complete list of Kosha Dillz' columns to date.

Kosha Dillz' "Awkward In a Good Way" was released November 5th through a new deal with Murs 316. Both Murs and Belief were closely involved in the creation of the album.

Kosha Dillz – Awkward In a Good Way

"Awkward In a Good Way" is currently available for streaming at Billboard along with a bit of background:

"Awkward In A Good Way is an album that allowed me to get out of my head…Creatively, Belief evokes a certain emotion in his production that embraces my awkwardness, in a way that no other producer has really captured. The title was really pushed on me by Murs. He told me that people will take me seriously once I realize that I'm never going to fit in, and that's ok. 'This is your lane, and you've created it, so accept it,' says Murs."

Kosha Dillz – Tupac Gone Fishin'

Additional music videos include:

Hangin' Out

West Coast Flavor ft. Rapper Pooh

You can catch Kosha Dillz on tour or hit him up on Twitter.

Below are the 16 columns written by Kosha Dillz for Hypebot. I've put them in chronological order since many relate thematically to events in Kosha's life over the last year.

The Kosha Dillz Collection

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