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Marketing Your BitTorrent Music Bundle

Billboard-adIt's weird but if you create a BitTorrent Bundle featuring music and related content to build your brand or market a current release you still have to market the bundle too. Yesterday BitTorrent shared some tips on driving traffic to your Bundle. Really, it's like marketing anything else but, in this case, using the combination of free content and specific features of Bundles to spread the word and connect with new fans while also publicizing a related project.

BitTorrent Bundle is being used by a wide range of creators, not just musicians, to market their work. In September, BitTorrent for Publishers became available in closed Alpha meaning you can now apply for an invitation.

Of course that means an increasing number of Bundles will be entering the attention market and so, yeah, you'll have to work.

Fortunately BitTorrent's Straith has shared some tips.

Driving Traffic To Your BitTorrent Bundle

"Start sharing your Bundle, before it’s ready to be shared."

Let people know what's coming and even tease them with a video or similar content. Be sure to let your current fans know because, if they're real fans, they'll be excited and help spread the word.

Take full advantage of BitTorrent's project websites.

Upload art, tell the backstory, let people know what's in the bundle and link back to your own site.

"It doesn’t have to end with the download. Use Bundle content to create social echo."

"To give your Bundle a second life, include content that fans can build on and add to. Or, include a contest that fans can enter and rebroadcast."

"Bundles are built to travel. Let them."

"Share or embed your link on your sites, social channels, and wherever you (and your fans are) online."

You could also do some press outreach. If your Bundle is related to a specific project, you're marketing that project whenever you market that bundle.

And keep in mind that the Bundle will probably remain of interest over time especially to new fans. So make it easy for fans to find via your site or email newsletter signup response.


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