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Microsoft In Talks To Acquire AOL’s Winamp and SHOUTcast

image from 977music.comEarlier this week, it was announced that AOL was shutting down media player Winamp. But a new report says that Microsoft is in talks to purchase both Winamp and media streaming service SHOUTcast from AOL. The same source revealed that, prior to these negotiations, SHOUTast was also scheduled to be shuttered.

Both AOL and Microsoft refuses comment to TechCrunch, who first broke the story. 

image from www.androidos.inSHOUTcast is cross-platform software for streaming media on the net developed by Nullsoft.. SHOUTcast Radio streams more than 45,000 stations.  Winamp is a media player for PCs and Android devices, also written by Nullsoft.  Both were acquired by AOL when the media giant purchased Nullsoft for $80 million in 1999.

What Are Microsofts Plans?

AOL has let both products languish in recent years.  Could a makeover make them part of Microsoft's struggling music strategy?  Perhaps.

Microsoft could want to add 45,000 SHOUTCast stations to Xbox Music?  Not a bad move, if it comes cheaply; particularly since Xbox Music lacks a Pandora-like personal radio feature. Beyond that, it's hard to imagine Microsoft's plan, and does not square well with rumors of a Microsoft / Rdio partnership or acquisition.



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